How to Draw a Cartoon Frog

Yes, hoppity indeed… this cartoon frog looks as if he’s going to jump right off the page!

Whenever I think of "frogs" it’s the red-eyed tree frog of Central America that first comes to mind. And this is especially true when it comes to drawing them as these frogs are extremely unique-looking.

They’ve got big red eyes, bright vibrant blue markings, and long "suctiony" orange fingers. Hands down, red-eyed tree frogs are the coolest-looking frogs ever!

Drawing cartoon frogs is actually not that difficult. You’ll see what I mean very soon as this one is completed in a very straight-forward approach, with only four simple steps.

Now let’s get hopping!

First Step – Drawing the Head

No matter what kind of frog your drawing, it all comes down to three very simple shapes – an oval and two circles.

So first, go ahead and draw two circles spaced evenly apart from one another. Once they’re in position, continue with the head by drawing an oval so that it’s set in behind the circles.

Everything good so far? Good stuff. Next, give your cartoon frog a mouth. You can make yours like mine if you like, or even better – why not give your frog a nice big smile! 🙂

Looking good… now on to the next step!

Second Step – The Front Legs and Body

For the front legs, start by drawing four right angles extending from the underside of its head – two on the left side and two on the right side. As you can see below, two right angles facing right make up the left arm.

With the front legs in place, it’s time to draw the hands. From the end of each arm, draw eight straight lines extending out to make up the fingers. After that, tack on four circles for the finger tips. Pretty simple stuff!

Now for the body. This step is a piece of cake. All it takes is three curved lines. Start with the lower-middle line. This line determines the length of the body so make sure that yours is about the same distance as mine. After that, draw two additional curved lines to make up the sides of your frog’s body.

Everything looking good? Very nice! You’re just about done now…

Final Step – Draw the Hind Legs

Only one final thing to do before your cartoon frog is jumping all over the place to its heart’s content!

The hind legs, being set in behind the frog are not too difficult to draw. Only draw the parts of the hind legs that are visible behind the front legs.

Starting under the armpits, draw two lines extending up and away. Stop when you get about eye-level.

The next two lines are easy. Draw them straight and on an angle so that they come down to about where the hands begin. The inner lines that make up the hind legs are also simple. Four curved lines and your done! Finally, draw the feet much in the same way that you did with its hands.

And so, you’re cartoon frog is complete! Now get out your pencil crayons and bring the little guy to life!