How to Draw Cartoon Fruits

Cartoon fruits drawing

When it comes to drawing cartoon fruits, it’s the circular kinds that not only usually first come to mind, but also are often the easiest ones to draw!

This lesson, much like most of the food drawing lessons will be – is very simple and straight forward. Basically, we’ll be using simple circles (and an oval) to design four common types of fruits – an orange, grapes, a watermelon, and an apple.

Keep in mind… although we’re only looking at four different kinds of fruits in this lesson, there are loads of others that have a circular shape. And so, based on how you learn to draw these ones, you can then easily branch off to create others with similar shapes.

Ready? Here we go…

First Step – Map Out the Shape of Your Cartoon Fruits

Take a look below at the different arrangements of circles. Can you guess with one will become which? Interestingly, even though each fruits is completely different… they’re all composed of pretty much the same shapes…

Making cartoon fruits from basic circles and ovals

The watermelon of course is an oval. But even still – all an oval is, is a stretched circle.

Go ahead and draw some circles to provide the framework for each of the four fruits – an orange, some grapes, a watermelon, and an apple. Note that the apple on the far right requires three more smaller circles at the bottom as its the "red delicious" variety.

Second Step – Simple "Trademark" Details

Whit each of the four different fruitss that we’re drawing, there are very simple details that once added, really make an orange and orange and a watermelon a watermelon! For example…

Adding simple details to differentiate the cartoon fruits

The orange becomes an orange when you draw a small oval at the top along with a plethora of small fait dots. Draw a stick for the vine-stem of your grapes. Long wavy lines bring your watermelon clearly into existence. And for the apple… a stem and a leaf do the trick just fine.

Final Step – Completed Cartoon Fruits

Now it’s time to take out your pen (or something more permanent) and using the shapes and details that you’ve laid out, define each of your four fruitss…

Using dark lines to finalize the different fruits

Take your time to carefully go over the lines, and soon each of your cartoon fruits will be complete. The only one that may get trick is the apple. You can see above how I veered away from the framework in a couple places. Even still, it’s a very simple task.

Well, much like the appearance and taste of most fruits – this lesson was short and sweet! What now? Well… add some color of course. And then, come back soon for yet another delicious cartoon food drawing lesson!