How to Draw a Cartoon Gecko

Cartoon gecko drawing

In this animal drawing lesson, let’s tackle a cartoon gecko – one similar to the one you see in the picture above, except in this case… not holding an ice cream cone!

Take a look at the finished drawing to the right. What kind do you think this is? Surely the spots give it away… it’s a leopard gecko. Of course, you may wish to draw a different kind. Day geckos for example are green and have narrower heads with red spots on either side.

Moving through the lesson, see if you can adjust the stance of your lizard by altering the position of its arms and legs. For example, drawing the legs straight up and down (simple rectangles) would make him appear standing as opposed to crouching. See what you can come up with.

Alright then, on with the lesson!…

Framework for drawing a cartoon gecko

First Step – A Framework for Your Cartoon Gecko

I have to say, this framework is perfect for the lizard I created up top in the finished example. Standing upright, and looking straight at you, it makes sense to position an oval for the head at the very top, followed by a centerline that runs down the middle.

Notice how the horizontal part of the cross is positioned closer to the top of the oval. I did this on purpose as this is where the eyes will sit. As for the other two horizontal lines… they mark the position of the arms and legs.

With respect to both sets of limbs, I’ll leave it up to you in terms of how you wish to position them. Experiment off to the side of your paper and see what kinds of different looks you can come up with.

Other than that, I’d say you’re about ready to carry on with the rest of the drawing lesson. And so…

Let’s get to it!

Second Step – A Simple Gecko Head

Drawing the head of your cartoon gecko is as straight forward as you can get when using the oval and cross to guide you along. First, position its two large circular eyes, and then – gradually bring the remaining details into view working from the inside out.

Here are some examples to help you move forward…

Drawing the face of the cartoon gecko Drawing the brows of the cartoon gecko Drawing the head of the cartoon gecko

Notice in the final image above how I’ve curved either inside or outside the oval at various spots. Do the same. I figure the way I’ve done it above yields a pretty good ‘geckoish-looking‘ head.

Head all drawn? Great, let’s continue with the body and details….

Final Step – Finalize Your Cartoon Gecko with the Body & Details

With the head in place, the next thing to do is move on down the drawing in sketch in the arms and legs. Use the lower two horizontal lines to help position these limbs. Again – as I recommended you do previously… practice drawing these parts off to the side first. Then, once you’re comfortable with the look — go ahead and draw them in.

Limbs, followed by the body, tail, and details… here’s how to finish it off…

Drawing the arms and feet of the cartoon gecko Drawing the body of the cartoon gecko Drawing of a cartoon gecko

The most difficult parts to complete are probably the limbs, as well as the hands and feet. If you can remember in the Cartoon Chef lesson… I mentioned that it can be easier to draw hands and digits by using simple shapes and lines to guide you. Factor this thought into the practice sketches you do off to the side of the page. It’ll help! 🙂

And well – that is all! You’ve now got your very own cute little cartoon gecko. Now go ahead and give him some color… and of course — an ice cream cone too like in the picture at the top of the page.

Good job!