How to Draw a Cartoon Ghost

Cartoon ghost drawing

Here’s a simple little drawing exercise, how to draw a cartoon ghost. It’s perfect for the monster section, and maybe even more so for Halloween! Actually, this cartoon would make a great decoration around the house.

Ghosts (if they are in fact real!) come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Still, I really wanted to give you something basic to work with and so I decided to go with the classic ‘bed sheet’ appearance.

By ‘bed sheet‘ I’m of course referring to the traditional do-it-yourself Halloween costume where you take a white bed sheet, cut two holes in it for eyes… and PRESTO! – your costume is complete. Nice and simple, just like this lesson.

Well, let’s get going then… in time you’ll have a spooky little cartoon ghost of your own!

Framework for drawing a cartoon ghost

First Step – A Simple Ghost Guideline

The first thing to do is come up with a simple guideline from which you can use to keep proportion when drawing your cartoon ghost.

So, go ahead and draw a framework, one that takes the form of the top of a stick person. Keep the head bigger and keep the body and arms nice and simple – three straight lines.

Because you’re going for the whole ‘bed sheet’ look, this framework is perfect because as you draw the sheet-like body of your ghost, it will be just like as if you were draping a sheet over an old piece of furniture… just like something out of a haunted house! And speaking of haunted houses, that sounds like an excellent drawing lesson for the near future! 😉

Now before you move on, don’t forget to draw a cross over the circle. It’ll help you keep proportion later on when you give your ghost a face.

Alright, once you get your framework drawn, let’s move on to the next step…

Second Step – Draw a ‘Sheet-Like’ Body for Your Ghost

Now it’s time to draw the actual ghost. Actually, one way to go about it is to visualize your ghost as a four-pointed star. Take a quick look below (the third picture) and you can see four parts, each one pointed like the tips of a star. Kinda puts the simplicity of this drawing into perspective.

If you have trouble visualizing the ghost as a star – no worries. Just follow along below with each step. Draw in the head, the arms, and the lower body of your ghost… with each part ending in a point like so…

Drawing the head of the cartoon ghost Drawing the arms of the cartoon ghost Drawing the body of the cartoon ghost

As you work through the above three steps, keep in mind that your ghost won’t have one fixed shape. After all, it’s a bed sheet! So, be less concerned with making yours like mine, and instead – focus on keeping the head and body central, and the left and right arms balanced. Feel free to change the shape of your ghost as you see fit.

So, what do you think? Drawing a cartoon ghost can be pretty simple after all! And yes, one final step… give your ghost a spooky-looking face to finish the job!

Drawing of a cartoon ghost

Final Step – Give Your Cartoon Ghost a Face!

Well, judging by the face I came up with – this ghost isn’t looking all that ‘spooky’ any more. Tip: If you want yours looking meaner, flip the eyes and mouth upside down.

Anything else? Well, you can see that I’ve added a couple extra lines – two above the eyes, and another below the mouth. This is just a little something extra that helps to give the drawing some depth.

What’s cool about this ghost design is that it’s simple enough to reproduce many times over – and pretty quickly too… especially after you’ve drawn a few of them. Perhaps this can help with your Halloween decorating!?

Well, you’re all done drawing your cartoon ghost.Good work! And of course… be sure to venture on back soon for yet another cartoon monster drawing lesson!