How to Draw Cartoon Gifts

Cartoon gifts drawing

There are more than a few times a year when drawing cartoon gifts can come in handy. And what better way to learn how to draw them — than the easiest way possible! 🙂

Drawing a simple gift really comes down to two basic parts – the bow and the box. Sure the ribbon is important too, but all it is – is a couple of lines.

Just like the polka dot pattern you see above, drawing the ribbon is more of a ‘detail’ that you can add when you’re done.

Of course, if you’ve got some unique twist you’d like to put on drawing these simple presents, by all means – twist! Make your drawing your own.

Let’s draw!

First Step – Draw a Simple Bow for Your Cartoon Gifts

OK – first thing then… let’s draw a simple bow to go on top of your presents. Keep in mind, the method I show you here is really only one of many ways you could draw a bow. The important part is that you draw the bow first – before you draw the box below it. This way, the bow will appear to be sitting on top – yet also hanging in front.

In three easy steps – here’s how to draw it…

Drawing the center part of the bow Drawing the sides of the bow Completing the cartoon bow

Something you may want to correct if you’re drawing your bow like mine… notice the curvature of the bottom lines in the second image. Your bow might look better if you have these lines curving away from the middle, just like the curved lines on top.

And with your bow drawn, let’s continue on to the box below it…

And Then… Underneath the Bow, Draw Two Boxes… That’s It!

Alright. Now that you’ve got a nice-looking bow to go up top, all that’s left is draw a couple of simple boxes – one for the top of your gift – the other for the bottom. OR… if you like, just draw one box. After all… most gifts don’t usually have a top anyway.

Keep in mind – and same with the bow – you can make your cartoon gifts as big/small/tall/short/etc. as you like. This’ll look especially neat when draw more than one – stacked side by side or behind/in front of each other…

Drawing the top part of the box Drawing the lower part of the box Drawing the ribbon on the cartoon gift

In the end – you’ve got some really nice presents – perfect for a number of different occasions! And depending on what the occasion is – I guess you’ll have to add specific colors and/or patterns to match it.

Well, that’s all for this lesson — now you can draw simple cartoon gifts!