How to Draw a Cartoon Giraffe

Cartoon giraffe drawing

Drawing a cartoon giraffe is pretty easy when you take into account, the long curved neck that all giraffes have.

How so? Well, thinking about frameworks for a second… take a look at the necks of the giraffes on the right. How can you simplify the neck as a simple shape or line?

A rectangle would most certainly do the job – but even simpler… how about a curved line? You’ll see soon enough how it all comes together.

Oh, and just for fun with this lesson in particular – I went ahead and changed the look of the giraffe on the right. Notice how with only a few simple adjustments (hair, lips, earrings, necklace, dress) – the look of the animal immediately becomes feminine. Of course in your case, change your giraffe to look however you like!

OK… time to draw!

First Step – Sketch a Simple Framework Using a Curved Line

As mentioned above, if you can simplify the neck area of your cartoon giraffe ahead of time, the rest of the drawing will take ‘shape’ much easier. And so, here’s how to do exactly this…

Drawing an arc for the neck of the giraffe Positioning two circles for the giraffe framework Drawing the limbs of the cartoon giraffe

The neck of the giraffe is the single most important feature when it comes to simplifying the structure, making it easier to draw. A nice curved line like the one I drew above is all it takes. This one line accounts for three different parts actually… the head, neck and the right front leg. Everything else follows suit.

Pretty easy so far! Now it’s time to customize your cartoon giraffe by – well… drawing it of course!…

Second Step – Draw the Head of Your Cartoon Giraffe

Does drawing the giraffe from ‘head to toe’ sound OK to you? Great! Let’s get to it then. Beginning on and around the circle up top, go ahead and sketch in the features that compose the head of the animal.

Remember, a cross – as well as a few other lines, will come in handy to insure that all parts can be drawn in with precision. I’ve kept my framework ultra-simple. But lightly sketch in a few other helpful lines if you think it’s necessary…

Drawing teh eyes and snout of the cartoon giraffe Drawing the ears and antlers of the giraffe

Eyes, snout first… ears, antlers second… this is a good way to go about it. And of course, feel free to add details too if you like. I’m going to wait until the very end.

Looking good! On to drawing the body now…

Third Step – Complete Your Giraffe, Giving it a Body

Similar to the Apatosaurus dinosaur lesson, drawing the neck of your cartoon giraffe is fairly straight forward using a curved line to guide you along. How thick or thin (or curved!) you make it, is completely up to you.

And with the head & neck in place – use your framework to help you keep the rest of your lines in check, as you complete your cartoon giraffe…

Drawing the neck and legs of the cartoon giraffe Drawing the body of the cartoon giraffe Drawing the back legs of the cartoon giraffe

And there you have it. The body’s now in place, along with the legs. All that’s left now is to add a tail – and of course, the details!

Onward to the final step…

Drawing of a cartoon giraffe

Final Step – Detailing Time!

Drawing the details of your giraffe is straight forward with the help of the example. A tail of course, some lines to bring out the hooves… and whichever details you feel the need to add in and around the head – do so.

And now, with your cartoon giraffe complete — refer back up to the top of the lesson for a second. How would you alter your giraffe to give it more ‘character’? Up top, I sketched a female giraffe along side the first one.

Use your imagination — see what kinds of small adjustments you can make to bring out rather large change in your final creation. I don’t know… how about turning your giraffe into an astronaut? Simply draw a circle around its head, followed by a small rectangle underneath. Sounds silly – sure. But this is drawing, and when you’re drawing… ANYTHING is possible! 🙂

Well, what else can I say? Great job on your cartoon giraffe and see you again real soon!