How to Draw a Cartoon Girl

Cartoon girl drawing

When it comes to drawing a simple cartoon girl like the one in this lesson, it’s always a good idea to give some thought to your creation first… before you create it! Things like…

Just how small will she be? It’s a girl, and as such… the framework should be smaller than that of a woman’s.

Will your cartoon girl have light, fragile features, or will she appear otherwise. Draw her shape accordingly.

So yes – there are definitely some things to think about before you go on with the drawing. In my case, I decided to draw a kimono as you can see on the girl drawing to the right.

Actually, this is a rather unique example as the kimono deviates much more from the original framework than the clothes do in the other related lessons – the woman, boy, and man. Shows just how creative you can get!

…and creative you will get! Go ahead now and draw a simple and unique cartoon girl of your very own!

Framework for drawing a cartoon girl

First Step – Structure & Shape

The framework is the most essential part of your drawing in that it provides you with the structure you may need to develop your drawing.

The one to your left is actually very similar to the one in the Introduction, previous to this lesson.

And once the framework’s in place, the next thing to do is draw simple lines overtop to reveal the shape of your soon-to-be cartoon girl!

An idea to consider… use the centerline of your stick person framework as a tool to keep symmetry in your drawing. Often, proportion and symmetry – when maintained, can make the drawing process more enjoyable as you can spend more time and energy focusing on the important details.

Time taken of course, with your newly structured and mapped out figure — now it’s time to go on to the next step. Let’s get to the drawing!…

Next Step – Draw Your Cartoon Girl

Before you continue, remember that the example I’m showing you is just that, ‘an example’. This one in particular is probably the most difficult lesson of the three in that I deviate a great deal from the framework when drawing the kimono. Well, no worries… this lesson is about you and your own unique drawing ideas.

Using the example below as your guide, go about drawing a unique girl of your own creation…

Drawing the head of the cartoon girl Drawing the torso of the cartoon girl Drawing the kimono of the cartoon girl Completing the drawing of a cartoon girl

The easiest way to go about this is to start at the top (the head) and work your way down from there. Use a cross to map out the face of your girl. Begin with the eyes, nose and mouth. Complete the head before you move on down the drawing.

I do suggest that you stick with a clothing scheme that better suits the framework that you’re using. A kimono isn’t exactly an ‘easy’ piece of clothing to draw. But then again, if you’re up for the challenge — of course! — give it a go!

And an assortment of well-placed lines later… you’ve got a unique cartoon girl, one that is probably much different from mine and ones that others may draw as well. And this is a good thing! Always aim to tap into your own unique creative ability. 🙂

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