How to Draw Cartoon Golf Clubs

Cartoon golf clubs drawing

Drawing simple cartoon golf clubs like the ones you see below – a driver and an iron – really is a piece of cake.

Aside from the obvious ‘stick-like’ shape of the shafts, the real trick is getting the heads right.

In four quick phases, let’s draw both of these clubs with the help of two simple shapes – a circle and a triangle – to help distinguish between and draw, the driver and iron.

Here goes…

First (and only) Step – Simple Cartoon Golf Clubs in Four Phases

As mentioned above, clubs like these ones is simple. A couple lines is all it takes to get the shafts in place, and in the example below – I drew them parallel to make comparison all the more easy.

Now – your driver’s going to be longer than the iron, so make sure your initial guideline fits the bill. After that, draw a circle at the end of your driver line and a triangle at the end of your iron line.

Just like so…

Simple framework for drawing cartoon golf clubs Drawing the lower part of the driver Drawing the handles for the cartoon golf clubs Drawing of cartoon golf clubs

The driver takes shape by first drawing an oval to form the surface which connects with the ball upon impact. Position it at about a 45 degree angle from the shaft. Then, using the circle to guide you along, cut inside it to form the large back end of the driver head.

As for the iron, the triangle is there to help you, much the same as the circle with the driver. The key in forming the head of your iron is to follow along the triangle, but instead of making sharp corners as you go around, create a gradual curve. Working counter-clockwise from the end of the shaft, pull the line that forms the lower part of the iron head further away from the triangle.

Once the heads are in place, the rest is pretty straight-forward. Finish off the shafts and handles – and you’re done!