How to Draw a Cartoon Hamburger

Cartoon hamburger drawing

Drawing a cartoon hamburger (or cheeseburger) is a lot like drawing a pizza. No they don’t look too similar, but they both require piling up the layers in a step-by-step fashion.

And also like a pizza, you’ve got tons of different toppings to work with so that you can design a hamburger just like the real ones you love to eat!

So, before you draw your burger, it’s a good idea to first brainstorm a list of toppings that you’d like to include. In this way, you can easily follow along with the lesson – but instead of just drawing the toppings that I mention… you can go ahead and substitute them unique toppings of your own.

And here we go — time to draw a yummy cartoon hamburger!

Framework for drawing a cartoon hamburger

First Step – A Square and a Bun

Simple enough, draw a square and then a bun. I think that for this lesson, drawing a simple square (or rectangle) for a framework is a good idea to keep everything in line.

No, a first glance – a hamburger doesn’t exactly come across as a ‘square’. But as you move on forward, I think you’ll using it to be helpful in guiding you along from top to bottom.

And so, top to bottom it is – beginning with the upper part of the bun of your cartoon hamburger. Use the top of the square to help you put the upper bun in place.

All set to move forward? OK then… let’s!

Second Step – Ketchup, Cheese, Pickles, ‘The Burger’, Onions

Working your way from the top of the burger down, draw the ingredients of your cartoon burger one by one. In sequence, I went with the items mentioned above…

Drawing the first hamburger toppings Drawing the patty and the tomatoes on the burger

The whole idea in drawing your burger from top to bottom, is to keep things as easy as possible for you. And so, while I’ve drawn ketchup, cheese, pickles, etc. in the examples above – do feel free to change it up and draw your own items as you see fit. Just remember — items above generally overlap items below.

Everything looking good? Good enough to eat I’m sure! Let’s continue…

Final Step – Lettuce, Tomatoes and of Course… The Other Bun!

At this point, it really becomes clear just how effective using a simple square is as a framework to guide you along. Sure you could just as easily draw your hamburger without it, but I like to offer some suggestions where and whenever possible to help you maintain proportion so you can focus on the details.

And so, let’s get at the finishing touches for your cartoon hamburger…

Drawing the lettuce on the burger Drawing the bottom part of the hamburger bun

To switch things up, there’s a bit of a trick when it comes to drawing the lettuce. Lettuce sort of hangs out the side of the burger and can be seen to overlap items both below and above.

My advice… be sure to give yourself some space to draw the lettuce first, and then after – draw the remaining parts (the tomatoes and the lower bun) above and below it.

And in the end, you’ve got a wonderfully delicious-looking cartoon hamburger – one solely of your own creation! Congrats on a terrific job!