How to Draw a Cartoon Helicopter

Cartoon helicopter drawing

Drawing a cartoon helicopter is tons of fun – especially here in this lesson… as you’re encouraged to ‘branch off’ and come up with a totally unique one of your own. You’ll see that mine’s pretty unique too… it doesn’t look like any other!

Let’s get drawing!

First Step – Here’s An Interesting Take on the Structure…

Really – when viewed from the side, this vehicle can be simplified as an arrangement of basic shapes… square, rectangle – and triangle. You of course may have visualized it with different shapes. If so…


It’s just a little something to help establish a blueprint before we start laying down the lines.

Three shapes for drawing a cartoon helicopter
Marking off key features of a cartoon helicopter

An idea… take a look at some photos of real helicopters. You can get lots of great ideas in this way for establishing that unique look.

To the board…

Second Step – How to Draw a Cartoon Helicopter

Sequence in mind – this is how I decided to best present the steps by which you MIGHT want to draw yours. I say ‘might’ – as always… it’s good to be searching out different ways to the approach. This one works though! 🙂

Here goes…

Drawing the base of the cartoon helicopter
Drawing the bottom of the cartoon helicopter
Drawing the back wing of the cartoon helicopter
Drawing the windows of the cartoon helicopter
Drawing the top of the cartoon helicopter
Drawing the rotor blades of the cartoon helicopter
Black and white drawing of a cartoon helicopter
Drawing of a cartoon helicopter

All the little lines at the end – giving off the intricate details of our helicopter… really help to make your cartoon unique in your own way. And you can be random about it too… just let go… add some doors, nuts, bolts, a logo… more or less windows… bigger propellers… yup – have fun.

Another lesson coming soon to a computer screen near you! 🙂