How to Draw a Cartoon Hot Dog

Cartoon hot dog drawing

Drawing a cartoon hot dog is easy, and can be completed in only four simple parts.

Basically – you’ve got four segments to this drawing. Starting from the bottom right, there’s the first bun, the sauce, the weiner, and the last bun. Simple.

As for the sauce (ketchup, mustard, relish, etc.)… feel free to add whatever kinds you like during the second phase. For example, if you’re going to add onions – an assortment of small white squares will do the job just fine. Sour kraut? Change your squares to skinny, curvy rectangles.


First Step – Complete Your Drawing in Four Parts

In four simple parts, use the examples below to guide you along. Remember, in the second example – feel free to customize yours regarding the different toppings you like to put on it.

Here’s how it takes shape…

Drawing the bun of the hot dog Drawing the sauce on the cartoon hot dog

Drawing the weiner part of the cartoon hot dog Drawing the other bun of the cartoon hot dog

See… not too difficult at all! Next, go ahead and give it some color. Another suggestion… how about some small white ovals along one side of the bun for sesame seeds!

And that’s it! See you again soon for yet another cartoon food drawing lesson. 🙂