How to Draw Cartoon Ice Cream

Cartoon ice cream drawing

I scream, you scream, we all scream for cartoon ice cream! Ok, I may have gone a little bit overboard with this one but hey – isn’t ice cream most people’s favorite dessert? Sure it is… and so it’s definitely something to get excited about!

Traditionally, it’s thethree-scoop ice cream deal that gets everyone excited. For sure… why have one flavor when there are so many different kinds to choose from!

Well, in this lesson we’re going to go ahead and draw an ice cream cone topped off with three of THE most popular flavors – chocolate, mint chocolate chip… and strawberry.

Of course similar to the cake lesson, when you’re all finished you can go right ahead and draw which ever ice cream flavors you like.

Let’s get a move on!

Framework for drawing a simple cartoon ice cream cone

First Step – Circles for Scoops, Triangle for a Cone

Drawing a framework for an ice cream cone is as simple as it can get. Four simple shapes drawn in a line is all it takes – three circles and one triangle.

I guess the hard part would be getting your various shapes aligned vertically. To help with this, you may want to begin by first drawing a straight vertical line, and then drawing your shapes over it. Actually, this is a great way of ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Another thing to mention here… the overlapping of each shape. Try to get each circle overlapping the next one by the same (or similar) amount. Try to draw each scoop about the same size. This will make it much easier to draw the scoops in the next step.

And so, get your cartoon ice cream framework drawn and then, let’s move on to the next step…

Second Step – From Top to Bottom, Draw Your Ice Cream Cone

Take a look at the four-step example below. As you can see, completing your cartoon ice cream involves working your way from the very top scoop to the very bottom of the cone…

Drawing the top of the cartoon ice cream Drawing the second layer of the cartoon ice cream Drawing the third layer of the cartoon Drawing the cone for the cartoon ice cream

The reason we work top to bottom is that each scoop of ice cream is sitting on top of the one below it. As such, each scoop is sort of ‘squashing’ the scoop underneath it. To give off this ‘squashing’ effect, draw some squiggly lines underneath each circle just like I did above.

When the cartoon ice cream scoops are all drawn, the only thing left to do is draw the actual cone that makes up the bottom of the ice cream cone. Two straight diagonal lines is all it takes… pretty simple stuff.

And now that you’re all done, think of your three favorite flavors and color each scoop accordingly! Now you know how to draw cartoon ice cream. 🙂