How to Draw a Cartoon Jellyfish

Cartoon jellyfish drawing

Here in this lesson, drawing a cartoon jellyfish… let’s make our animal into something that we can more easily appreciate with respect to drawing simple cartoons – cute ones at that!

Let’s give it eyes!

Of course, in real life – these creatures don’t have eyes. At least, I don’t know of any that do. When drawing though – we get to have some fun, using our imagination – and creating ‘outside the box’. 🙂

How to Draw a Cartoon Jellyfish, Step by Step

These creatures of the sea – while they do take on distinct shapes (at times) in the water… on land – there just well… a pile of goop!

Gliding through the ocean though, we normally see some sort of shape (circle, oval) at the top ‘head area’… followed by numerous extending legs.

Structure taken into account – let’s draw!

Framework for drawing a cartoon jellyfish

First thing then… draw the upper left eye.

Drawing the eye of a cartoon jellyfish

Bring the top of the ‘head’ into view…

Drawing the head of a cartoon jellyfish

Draw the other eye (a bit smaller as it’s further away – as seen from this 3/4 tilt angle). And then, bring the bumpy underside of the head into view – get random!

Completing the head of a cartoon jellyfish

And speaking of randomness…

Drawing the lower part of a cartoon jellyfish

More randomness… 🙂

Detailing the lower part of a cartoon jellyfish

Ah – those cute little jellyfish eyes…

Black and white drawing of a cartoon jellyfish

And with color – it’s just SO much better!

Drawing of a cartoon jellyfish

So there you have it. That’s how to draw this in-this-case ‘cute’ little creature of the sea. Have fun as you work through this lesson again — changing all sorts of various things to come up with a TOTALLY unique version of your own.

As we know, that’s what it’s all about!