How to Draw a Cartoon Kangaroo

Cartoon kangaroo drawing

Drawing a cartoon kangaroo like the one you see above is fairly easy to do. And given a certain ‘order to things’ – drawing certain parts BEFORE others… it becomes even simpler.

Here, let’s draw a simple kangaroo – a mother say… with her baby in her pouch.

And here we go!

First Step – Cartoon Kangaroo Framework

First up, sketch out the basic shapes which compose a kangaroo. As always – get it looking the way it’s ‘supposed to look’ by choosing shapes that best represent a real kangaroo. Below, you can see how three circles do a pretty nice job of mapping out the head and body areas.

Here’s how the framework takes shape…

Three circles for drawing a cartoon kangaroo Drawing the framework of a cartoon kangaroo Adding the arms and legs to the cartoon kangaroo Adding the head of the joey to the cartoon kangaroo

Keeping things nice and simple – and using lightly sketched pencil lines… get a feel for the character by carefully drawing the various parts that make up the form of your kangaroo. The green circle of course – marks the position of the baby’s – the ‘Joey’s’ – head.

OK – let’s draw!

Second Step – Draw the Head of Your Animal

First thing’s first… go ahead and draw in the head of your animal. Beginning with the eyes, then the nose, and gradually moving outward – the rest of the face and head… here’s how it takes shape…

Drawing the face of the cartoon kangaroo Drawing the head of the cartoon kangaroo Drawing the ear of the cartoon kangaroo Completing the head of the cartoon kangaroo

Pretty straight forward isn’t it. If you like – change the look of your kangaroo to have a different face altogether. Bigger ears, smaller eyes, etc. Get creative!

Alright, let’s continue on with the body now…

Final Step – Draw the Body of Your Kangaroo!

Drawing the body of your kangaroo involves keeping to certain ordering of lines – especially if you’re going to draw the baby sitting in her pouch. Use the examples below to help you bring your own drawing into view. And yes, keep to somewhat the same sequence of steps as shown… it’ll help!

Drawing the upper body of the cartoon kangaroo Drawing the baby joey in the kangaroo's pouch Drawing the arms of the cartoon kangaroo Drawing the pouch of the cartoon kangaroo Drawing a cartoon kangaroo Drawing of a cartoon kangaroo

Anything else? Nope! You’re done.

You now can draw a simple cartoon kangaroo – baby in the pouch and all! And now… either get out those pencil crayons and give your animal some color – or give this lesson another shot – this time making subtle changes to make yours all the more unique! 🙂