Draw a Cartoon Leprechaun

Cartoon Leprechaun

This cartoon leprechaun drawing lesson is similar to the cartoon Santa lesson from earlier. If you haven’t yet tried it, I recommend you do so as it will make this one seem a lot easier! 🙂

March 17th is the popular Irish holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. And one of the most popular images associated with the day, other than the shamrock of course, is the leprechaun – the small, green-clad, mischievous faerie of Irish mythology.

Aside from the holiday, leprechauns are also popular in other ways. Take for example the popular cereal, "Lucky Charms". Or, perhaps you’ve seen the movie "Leprechaun" from 1992 where it was portrayed as a monster, quite opposite of how most of us picture them.

Well, our focus of course is to draw a leprechaun… a cartoon one to be exact. So, let’s put the pencil to the paper and begin!

Cartoon Leprechaun

First Step – Hat for a Leprechaun

Again, similar to the cartoon Santa lesson from before, we’re going to start at the top and then work our way down to the bottom.

First thing then… draw a hat for your cartoon leprechaun, just like the one you see to the left.

A leprechaun hat is basically a green top hat. To help you draw it, picture (or sketch out) a square sitting on top of a centered, horizontally-aligned rectangle. If you look at the hat again, you can see that it’s really that simple!

Now, usually we save details for last. But because we’re working top to bottom, go ahead and draw some in. A buckle and a ribbon? A shamrock? Your choice!

Cartoon Leprechaun

Second Step – Map Out the Head

The head is actually the main part of the leprechaun with respect to this lesson. So, it’s important that you take the time to map this area out accordingly.

To do so, lightly sketch a circle that extends from under your leprechaun’s hat, followed by a cross so that you can keep symmetry in your drawing throughout the rest of the lesson.

For the cross, draw the horizontal line so that it curves downwards ever so slightly. The very center of the cross is the location of the nose of your leprechaun. So, position it according to how you want it to look.

And once that’s done, it’s on to adding the details of the face…

Cartoon Leprechaun

Third Step – The Face Details

In this step, have some fun! See what kind of neat details you can come up with for the face of you cartoon leprechaun.

I recommend you go with a beard like I did on the left. It’s actually really easy to do. Simply use the circle as your guide.

Remember, the face of my cartoon leprechaun is only one example of hundreds! In your case, you may want to change the position of the eyes, the size of the ears or mouth, the look of the beard, etc.

Whatever you decide, it’ll be all the more easier to do as proportion and symmetry are taken care of. Take your time with the details and get creative!

Cartoon Leprechaun

Fourth Step – Leprechaun Wardrobe

Next up – a wardrobe for your cartoon leprechaun!

I’d say it’s universally accepted that leprechauns wear green suits. True? Well, perhaps it’s a green tuxedo. Either way – draw one of the two for your cartoon leprechaun.

Start with a vertical line extending down from the tip of his beard and remember not to go too far! The length of this line (similar to Santa) will determine just how tall your leprechaun is — so keep it short!

After you’ve got the centerline in place (which is actually where his undershirt comes together), draw a bow tie appearing underneath his beard. To do this, ensure that you balance the left and right sides. Again, take your time!

Once the bow tie is complete, draw a jacket for your leprechaun in the same way… left side = right side. Don’t forget the hands, and the sash too!

Cartoon Leprechaun

Final Step – Finished Leprechaun

Almost done now… just gotta give your leprechaun some pants and shoes. This is done in the same way that you drew the jacket in the fourth step.

Keep symmetry by balancing the left and right sides, and when you come to the shoes at the very bottom, see if you can leave some room to draw in some buckles – similar to the one on his hat.

And that’s pretty much it!

Oh but wait! It’s thought that leprechauns are actually pretty wealthy. Sure you’ve heard it before… "follow the rainbow to its end and you’ll find a pot of gold!" Well, why not give your leprechaun his own pot of gold? Sure, and draw the rainbow too while you’re at it!

Anything else? I think not. All that’s left is to give your cartoon leprechaun some color. I recommend you take out a few different shades of green to get the job done.

Congratulations on yet another cartoon drawing lesson accomplished!