How to Draw Cartoon Lightning

Cartoon lightning drawing

Really, there’s not too much to drawing cartoon lightning. A quick series of simple lines, and you’re done!

First thing though, check out the Cartoon Clouds drawing lesson from previous so you know how to draw a simple cloud – just like the one on the right.

And another thing too… there are many ways to tackle this particular drawing lesson. Lightning – as we know – is very random in the way it appears. It can look an infinite number of different ways, so take this into account when drawing yours. Perfection is not the key! 🙂

See if you can have the bolt split and then branch off in different directions. Try drawing it thicker, skinnier, shorter, longer, etc. Lots of things to try!

OK, here goes…

First Step – Here’s How to Draw It

Begin your drawing with a simple cloud – similar to the one in the previous ‘Cartoon Clouds’ lesson. Actually, come up with your own cloud too if you like.

Next, begin drawing the actual bolt with three simple diagonal lines. If you’re going for the ‘perfect logo-ish look’ then pay closer attention to the two inner spaces where the inward pointing angles of the bolt – ‘just about’ touch.

Here’s how to draw it…

Drawing a cloud with three lines below it Drawing teh left side of the cartoon lightning bolt Drawing of cartoon lightning bolt

Once you’ve drawn the left side of the bolt, continue on by following up the right side. As you do so, experiment with different lengths, widths and angles until you end up with something you like.

And that’s it… nice job!