How to Draw a Cartoon Lobster

Cartoon lobster drawing

In this lesson – let’s draw a cartoon lobster. If you look at a picture of a real one – you’ll immediately note similarities. I’ve intentionally stylized this ‘toon’ version to look a bit mean… and overall – totally unique!

I encourage you to do the same.

Let’s start!

How to Draw a Cartoon Lobster, Step by Step

Starting with a simple structure of basic shapes – you want to get the pinchers, head, body and tail… embedded either in your mind – or on the paper in front of you.

Here’s what we’ve got first off...

Framework for drawing a cartoon lobster

Using a different color – we can easily see now, that this will in fact be a lobster. The claws and the antennae are key defining features.

Something similar to this…

Mapping out details of a cartoon lobster

OK. Not let go – get your creative hat on – and begin designing your own unique drawing. Advice? Eye first…

Drawing the eye and antennae of a cartoon lobster

Already, it’s taken on an entirely unique look from any other lobster. And quite often – this will start with the eye – as it is the ‘window to the soul’ – that which says ‘there’s something special or unique about this person/creature/etc.’

The head…

Drawing the head of the lobster

Working back to front – it’s 3D yes… tackle the pinchers next.

Like so…

Drawing the claws of the cartoon lobster

And after this, complete the front arms. Again – front to back is key… saves you from having to overlap/erase lines later on.

Here’s what we’ve got…

Drawing the body of the cartoon lobster

Next up – saving the tail segments for the very end – go ahead and sketch in the end of the tail, along with the legs that can be seen on the lobster’s left side.

Drawing the legs and tail of the cartoon lobster


Drawing the body of the cartoon lobster

And colored!… AND DETAILED TOO

Drawing of a cartoon lobster

And that – my friend – is a unique-looking cartoon lobster!

It’s strange really. Before starting this lesson, I had the idea for a much cuter, kinder take on one. It’s interesting how – as you progress in the development of a new drawing/character… ideas change – and well… GROW! Into something totally different than originally expected.

All part of the fun when drawing. 🙂