Drawing a Cartoon Man

Cartoon Man

Alright… drawing a cartoon man. The first thing to do, before you go about drawing anything, is take the time to consider how you want your man to look. For example…

How tall will he be? This is determined by the stick person framework as mentioned previously.

How will you shape him? Will he be skinny or more heavy-set?

What kinds of details will you add to make him unique from others?

Yes, the possibilities are endless! Looking to the right, you can see that I’ve decided to draw a man that is tall and about average weight in terms of his shape.

The key defining features come into play with the final details that I drew over the shape. They can be seen in the hair, the face, the clothes, etc.

And so, now it’s your turn! Follow along and see if you can come up with your very own unique cartoon man! Here we go…

Cartoon Man

First Step – Structure & Shape

As you know, the first step in drawing a simple cartoon person is to go ahead and determine the size by first drawing a simple stick person framework.

The one to your left is actually very similar to the one in the Introduction, previous to this lesson.

With your framework in place – go ahead and give your drawing some shape by mapping out some simple lines over top of the stick person. Take your time and get creative here!

A recommendation… use the centerline of your stick person framework as a tool to keep symmetry in your drawing. Often, proportion and symmetry – when maintained, can make the drawing process more enjoyable as you can spend more time and energy focusing on the important details.

Well… got the shape of your man all mapped out? Excellent! Now it’s time for the actual drawing!

Next Step – Draw Your Cartoon Man

Now that you’ve established the shape, going ahead with the defining details that define him as unique, will be a much easier task. Remember, this is to be your drawing. Use my advice to guide you, but ultimately… come up with something that is uniquely yours!

And so, follow along with the four steps below to create your own drawing of a man…

Cartoon Man Cartoon Man Cartoon Man Cartoon Man

The easiest way to go about this is to start at the top (the head) and work your way down from there. Use a cross to map out the face. Begin with the eyes, nose and mouth. Complete the head before you move on down the drawing.

In my case, I drew a businessman. In your case — who knows! Only you do, and so… be sure to draw the details that best illustrate the way you want your cartoon man to look. Take your time, and of course… have fun!

In the end, you’ve got your very own version of a cartoon man – completely different from anything anyone else has ever drawn! Very good work. At this point, you may want to backtrack and try this lesson again by drawing a cartoon man in a different way to reveal yet another different cartoon person.

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