How to Draw a Cartoon Mask


This colorful cartoon mask – one that could be worn on Halloween, or at some other party-like event… a ball or masquerade for example – is the root of creativity & repetition combined.

Beginning with a simple guideline – use the idea here, to either draw one – or actually construct one from some base materials of your choice. It’ll be inspirational!

Here goes…

First Step – A Framework for a Cartoon Mask

Basically, all you need to do before-hand, is come up with a simple symmetrical guideline from which to either draw or design your mask. Whichever way you go – the following cross, coupled with a simple rough outline, will help point you in the right direction.

Here it is…

Cross for drawing a cartoon mask
Defining the shape of the mask

Get creative here – and get the shape mapped out to a tee. This way, you can really let loose with the creative part – adding scales, streamers, feathers, patterns, etc. There’s really no end to the possibilities!

OK – let’s draw it.

Second Step – Let’s Draw!

Beginning with the eyes – and then moving out and around from there, slowly bring your creation into view by repeating a pattern(s) of your choice – on either side of the centerline.

Here’s how to draw it…

Drawing the eyes of the cartoon mask
Drawing details around the eyes of the mask
Adding more eye details to the mask
Drawing feather-like details on the mask
Repeating more feather details on the mask
Drawing the outline of the mask
Black and white drawing of a cartoon mask
Drawing of a mask cartoon

Bright and flashy – this drawing reminds me of the ‘Masquerade’ scene in the Broadway spectacle and movie – The Phantom of the Opera. You could add a stick coming off the side if you like – and it will resemble more-so, the ones women would traditionally wear.

Well, that’s all there is to it. Until next time! 🙂