A Crazy Cartoon Monkey

Cartoon Monkey

Well, the word is out… a cartoon monkey that’s gone completely ‘bananas‘. And yes – you get to draw it!

Actually, it’s not so much that this monkey’s gone ‘crazy’ but more so that it acts crazy. Monkeys do all sorts of strange things like screaming, jumping, climbing, swinging.. and the list goes on and on!

In the case of our cartoon monkey here, I thought it would be neat to come up with a lesson that while simple in nature, really brings out the crazy behavior of monkeys.

To do this, I went for the skinny/leggy look… giving off the impression that this monkey is literally all over the place!

All right, let’s get monkeying around!

Cartoon Monkey

First Step – Draw a Simple Circle and a Line

First thing then, draw a circle on the page in front of you. Keep your lines nice and light. This circle will become the head.

Extending out from the circle, go ahead and draw a simple line just like the one you see to the left. Really, you can draw it in which ever direction you choose. This line will become the body of your monkey.

Similar to a stick person, your monkey’s framework will also be composed of simple ‘sticks’ or lines. And so, this body line is the first of several others… the lines that compose the arms, legs, and tail of your cartoon monkey.

Let’s do that now…

Cartoon Monkey

Second Step – Monkey Limbs, Monkey Tail

In previous lessons, I asked that you do your best to maintain symmetry by balancing the left and right sides of your drawing – left equals right.

Here, in drawing the arms and legs of your monkey, do try to keep things balanced and all – but not in the sense of say, the cartoon lion. I want you to draw the arms and legs so that the left side is different from the right.

In order to do this, the thing to keep in mind is that each segment of each part of the arms and legs should be of equal length on both sides. This way, you can draw the arms and legs in different positions, while still maintaining their correct length – thus maintaining the correct proportion! You may want to use a ruler to help you out here.

And so, get the limbs drawn, add a tail just like I did, and let’s continue!…

Cartoon Monkey

Third Step – Framework Details

Next up, add some more lines to further develop the framework. This helps to ensure that your cartoon monkey actually looks like a monkey!

So, go ahead and draw in some additional details to complete your framework. In my case, I went with the fingers and toes, a ball at the tip of the tail, and two circles for ears.

Another essential addition as you well know, is to draw a simple cross over the circle that is to become the head of your cartoon monkey. This of course will aid you in mapping out your monkey’s face. Complete these extra framework components and then we’ll move on.

Ready? Great, here we go…

Cartoon Monkey

Fourth Step – A Head for Your Monkey

Let’s zoom in on the head for a second. Now we’re getting into the actual drawing part of the lesson.

Two eyes and two nostrils is a great start. Once these features are in place, everything else seems to follow naturally. Use the cross to guide you along.

You can see how the circles we drew earlier really come in handy here. Mapped out perfectly, drawing the ears for your cartoon monkey is a snap!

Hmmm… anything else at this stage? Well, there’s always room for a few extra details. If you want, add them now. Or, wait until the end of the lesson.

OK, on to drawing the body and the limbs!

Cartoon Wolf

Fifth Step – Draw the Body & Limbs

Using the stick-like framework, drawing the body and limbs of your cartoon monkey is a super-easy task! All you have to do, is follow along the lines.

And so, go ahead and do just that… follow along each line that composes the body and limbs of your cartoon monkey.

You can see that things do look a little bit on the boxy side. But don’t worry, that’s part of the fun in drawing cartoons. You can easily get away with a ‘boxy’ looking cartoon monkey because you’ve already got the proportion nailed down. The main thing is that when people look at your drawing, they’ll say… "Yes, that’s definitely a monkey!"

Very nice… a couple more things and you’re all done!

Cartoon Monkey

Fourth Step – Finish it Off

Well, not too much remains before your cartoon monkey is complete. So, what does remain then?

Details of course… but first, go ahead and draw in the hands and feet and tail of your monkey. Use the framework to guide you along your way.

And, when you’re all set – go ahead and draw in any final details that you think are necessary. In my case, I added some ‘zigzags‘ at each wrist and near the end of each foot. This shows where the monkey’s fur ends.

After that, move on up to the head once again and finish off any details there. Eyes, mouth, ears, etc…. surely you’ve got a plan for how your monkey will look unique in your own way.

And there you go, you’re now the proud owner of your very own ‘crazy’ cartoon monkey! Give it some color and a name and be sure to venture on back real soon for some more cartoon animal drawing fun! 🙂