How to Draw a Cartoon Moose

Cartoon Moose

The cartoon moose that you’ll draw here is done in a very similar way to the cartoon elephant from before. Both are positioned to be looking at you straight on.

In the example on the right, see if you can picture the parts of the moose that would appear closest to you as you look directly at it. Whatever’s closest to the eye… is what you’ll draw first. The further away from the eye things are, the later on in the process they will be drawn.

In our case here, it makes sense then to begin by drawing the head. Once the head is in place, using a centerline to position the body and legs – as they would appear away and behind the head, is easier to do!

Oh – something to note! If you’re in Europe, you would of course be calling this animal an ‘Elk‘. In North America – an elk is an animal that resembles a very large deer. Just an FYI. 🙂

Now then, let’s get drawing this cartoon moose!…

Cartoon Moose

First Step – Symmetrical Cartoon Moose Guide

The head of your moose will be vertically long and ovular. So, first thing then – go ahead and draw a simple oval on the page in front of you. Ensure that it is vertically long.

Next, draw a centerline that runs through and below the oval. This line should be between two and two and a half times the height of the oval. It’s not a set rule or anything, just a recommendation with respect to the size of the body and legs in relation to the head.

Because the eyes of a moose are closely inline with its antlers – positioned on either side of its head, it makes sense to incorporate an ‘antler guideline‘ into a crossed used to map out the position of the eyes in relation to the rest of the head.

And so… once you’ve got a nice and simple cartoon moose framework like the one in the example, it’s time to begin drawing!

Let’s get to it…

Second Step – How to Draw a Moosehead!

Alright – let’s zoom in on the head portion of the framework so that we can bring this area of the cartoon moose into view.

Using the examples below to guide you along, draw the head of your moose, and feel free to change things here and there as you like…

Cartoon Moose Cartoon Moose Cartoon Moose Cartoon Moose Cartoon Moose Cartoon Moose

Especially with the antlers, don’t feel you need to draw yours exactly like mine. Drawing them in two separate parts as I did up top – front and back… gives off the impression that they curve back, up and away. If you like though, simplify the antlers to look as two solid shapes, not broken up like I’ve done. Oh — and make them bigger too if you like!

Head all drawn now? Good stuff — let’s keep going…

Third Step – Draw the Moose’s Body and Legs

Next up, draw the body of your cartoon moose. Similar to a camel’s hump, moose have a bump/hump located just behind their heads. Draw this part first, and after… carry on with three curved lines to bring the core part of the body into view.

After this, sketch in the front legs, followed by the back legs. Like so…

Cartoon Moose Cartoon Moose Cartoon Moose

Once you’ve got the body and legs in place, all that’s left is to add some details in the form of simple, well-placed markings. The pupils, inner ears and hooves are easily distinguished.

And there you have it. That’s how to draw a cartoon moose – one that’s looking at you straight on. I wonder… think you can draw this moose as it would look from the side? To help you out, I recommend you check out the cow, horse and sheep lessons. Another thought… see if you can convert these animals to be looking straight on at you like this moose is.

A challenge awaits!