A Clockwise Cartoon Mouse

Cartoon Mouse

A clockwise cartoon mouse… come again!? Yes, clockwise in the way that it’s drawn. Start with the head and work your way around in the same direction as the hands on a clock.

Now, before we begin, you’ll notice in this lesson that we’re not going to use a framework. Sure – we can, but I decided to do things a bit differently here, just to change things up a bit.

While working through this lesson, you may want to first sketch out the simple shapes that compose the mouse that you’re going to draw. See all the circles? If not – no worries… do your best and see what kind of neat little cartoon mouse you can come up with.

Let’s begin…

First Step – Draw the Head of Your Cartoon Mouse

The first thing to do is draw the eye of your mouse. No, this isn’t the only way to start off the drawing, but as I’ve mentioned before — the eyes are the ‘windows to the brain‘, and quite often – it helps in the development of your drawing if you draw the eye(s) first…

Cartoon Mouse Cartoon Mouse Cartoon Mouse

Once the eye’s in place, draw the ear and the nose of your mouse – similar to how I’ve done above. A bigger nose… a smaller ear – change it up a bit if you like. You may even want to give your mouse a shorter or longer snout. Again, it’s completely up to you!

Now, let’s continue on clockwise – with the back, legs and stomach of your mouse drawing…

Second Step – Draw in the Back, Legs and Stomach of Your Mouse

Before you continue on with the body – note the two curved lines I’ve added to bring the cheek and chin areas of the mouse into view. Do this, and then draw a curved line to form the back of your cartoon mouse like so…

Cartoon Mouse Cartoon Mouse Cartoon Mouse

Next, it’s on to the left leg. In a way – it’s almost like drawing a backwards number 2 – just as you get to the bottom, have the line curve around to the end of the back. This forms the left foot of your cartoon mouse.

Once the back and left leg is in place, the stomach is actually pretty simple. Draw it so that it extends around and up to meet the chin. Then, mirror the left leg to create the right leg of your mouse.

So, how’s it going so far? A little bit different without a guideline isn’t it! Just keep in mind, when you practice drawing something enough times, you’ll remember more and more as it becomes easier to visualize how the lines come into play to create whatever it is that you want to draw. Through practice, you become more comfortable and less worried about making mistakes. Bottom line – keep at it! 🙂

Final Step – Finish Your Cartoon Mouse Drawing

Almost done now – just a few more lines here and there and you’re all set. So next, draw in the arms similar to how I’ve done below. Mirror the right arm to the left, just as you did with the legs in the previous step…

Cartoon Mouse Cartoon Mouse

And then, add a tail and sketch in a few more remaining details. What details? Well, check out the lines on the hands and feet giving off the impression of fingers and toes. Also, note the pupil and the inner area of the left ear. Get creative and add some more details of your own if you like.

And now — you’re all done! That’s one way to draw a cartoon mouse. Hope you enjoyed the lesson! 🙂