How to Draw a Cartoon Mummy

Cartoon mummy drawing

Drawing ‘a possessed’ cartoon mummy like this one is tons of fun. There’s an infinite number of ways to tackle this monster… and while working through this lesson — I strongly encourage you to be as creative as possible.

We all know, mummies are wrapped in a ton of bandages. And it’s this very feature that’s the core focus of this drawing lesson.

Beginning with a simple humanoid shape to work with, you’ll gradually bring your drawing into existence with a continuous series of inter-wrapping bandages. There’s no particular ‘sequence’ involved… it’s completely random.

In the final drawing to the right, you can see how every single bandage is completely different from the next. Aim for the same goal – a neat-looking cartoon mummy, uniquely drawn by you!

Now – let’s get drawing!

First Step – Working Up to the ‘Bandage Part’

Before you go drawing bandages all over the place, it helps to have some sort of form to use as a reference point. This way, all of your energy can go into the bandages themselves, along with all the intricate details that occur, in and around them.

First thing then, come up with a simple stick person framework. Adjust its stance so that your mummy takes on the position you want it to. After that, develop a simple humanoid shape like in the second example below…

Drawing a framework for a cartoon mummy Outlining the shape of the mummy's body Drawing the first bandages on the mummy

Now, with a simple humanoid shape to work with, go ahead and begin ‘wrapping’ your mummy up. In the third example above — you can see that the head is a good place to start. I sketched in a couple simple bandages to get you on the right track.

Let’s keep going now, still focused on the head…

Second Step – Finish Bandaging the Head of Your Cartoon Mummy

Randomly – yet keeping to the shape of its head… continue to draw bandages around the head of your mummy. Don’t draw them like mine — definitely come up with your own pattern. Feel free to draw some ‘loose ends’ too… a few bandages that have unraveled, peeling off to the side.

Here’s a simple three-step sequence for tackling your mummy’s head…

Drawing the bandages on the mummy's head Completing the bandages on the mummy's head Drawing bandages on a cartoon mummy's head

Once the head’s pretty much finished, move on down to bandage the next four key parts of your drawing…

Final Step – Keep on ‘Bandaging’ Until it’s a Mummy!!

As you can see in the first example below… it helps to first draw the bandages in and around the torso, groin and hands as they are all key parts in this drawing. Then, all that’s left is to follow through with the rest.

Continue to draw bandages until you’ve got something similar to the second drawing below…

Drawing the bandages on the torso, pelvis and hands Drawing of a cartoon mummy

Phew! That’s a lot of bandaging! But hey — the tedious work most certainly pays off, doesn’t it! And best of all, there truly is an infinite number of ways you could’ve tackled this cartoon mummy. The possibilities are endless!

Well, all that’s left now is — you guessed it — time to get out those pencil crayons and add some color. And if you like… why not give your mummy that ‘possessed’ look by gently shading around the perimeter.

Excellent job on this one!:-)