How to Draw a Cartoon Mushroom

Cartoon mushroom drawing

Here, learn how to draw a simple cartoon mushroom. This is a rather unique variety, based on something that you probably would do best NOT to eat! But when it comes to drawing, it’s fun to draw things that have an original look to them. So that’s the direction I went here.

As you progress – see what sorts of cool looks you can come up with for mushrooms of your own.

To the paper!

First Step – It’s Simple… a Half-Oval Up Top + a Circle

About a center line, drawing this fungus is easy as you can use the middle to mirror left to right — if of course this is something you find helpful. As you may know, I like to add tips and tricks here and there in every lesson… there are always ways to make the drawing process easier for you.

Anyway – here’s the structure…

Framework for drawing a cartoon mushroom Basic shapes for drawing a mushroom picture

Like I mentioned up top — have fun here. Stretch it up or down… add or subtract various features… use a reference image to help get those creative juices flowing!

And yes – it’s time to draw now!

Second Step – How to Draw a Cartoon Mushroom

Beginning with the top part, go ahead and bring your fungus into view, step by step. These six images below provide a nice overview for how it all comes to be. Use them to help you make one of your own.

Like so…

Drawing the underside of a mushroom cap Drawing the top of the cartoon mushroom cap Completing the cartoon mushroom cap Completing the stalk of the cartoon mushroom Black and white drawing of a cartoon mushroom Drawing of a cartoon mushroom

And there you go – that’s how to draw ONE VERSION, of a simple cartoon fungus – which here I’ve pretty much classified as a vegetable (with respect to drawing). 🙂

Stay tuned – as soon I’ll include this in a brand new vegetable-only section. Carrots, tomatoes (fruit!?), etc.

Til next time.