How to Draw a Cartoon Ninja

Cartoon ninja drawing

Before tackling this cartoon ninja lesson – I had a more ‘Snake Eyes/Storm shadow’ train of thought with respect to the color anyway. As you can see though, it didn’t exactly come out that way. Purple… green… orange!! Not exactly stealth-like.

But – that’s the fun in drawing… make it however you like.

Let’s begin!

How to Draw Cartoon Ninja, Step by Step

Flying through the air, sword and ninja star (of course!) in hand — let’s begin with a simple framework of basic shapes – something to give you a better idea of the structure involved.

Here’s how we begin…

Drawing the body of the cartoon ninja

The limbs, hands and feet can be marked off like so – with simple lines, circles and ovals…

Drawing the action of the cartoon ninja

And then with orange – I’ve bolded those areas where the ‘extras’ will go – weapons, etc…

Drawing the cartoon ninja jumping through the air

So – everything going well up to this point? OK – let’s begin with the lines now – starting with a visor/ski mask over the eyes. If you want to change yours up – do so. There are lots of different ways a ninja can look.

Here goes…

Drawing the ninja's goggles

On to completing the head now – and then add the belt strap…

Drawing the cartoon ninja's mask and belt

Indicating a baggy loose-fitting suit, go ahead and add some lines in and around the framework…

Drawing the arm and leg of the cartoon ninja

Keep on moving – notice the positioning of the hands/fingers – the right’s grabbing a ninja star – the left’s holding a sword. Oh – and add another finger to each hand too if you like! 🙂

Drawing the hands of the cartoon ninja

More lines – sort of random to give off that ‘baggy loose-fitting’ look…

Drawing the legs of the cartoon ninja

The feet and the beginning of the sword…

Drawing the feet of the cartoon ninja

And finally – details to really make your drawing unique!

Black and white drawing of a cartoon ninja

Coloring… well – you may want to go a different route here. Sure – white or black is usually a good color for a ninja outfit. But – I thought I’d try something a bit different. Not stealth-like by any means, but it’s unique… different… and with the added glow… radioactive even! 🙂

Give yours a cool color scheme and design of your very own…

Drawing of a cartoon ninja

And that’s it! Cartoon Ninja lesson complete – and – I hope you enjoyed it!

For sure – we’ve got tons more lessons on the way. 🙂