How to Draw a Cartoon Orange

Cartoon orange drawing

In this lesson, let’s draw a simple cartoon orange – as it would appear sliced in half, and viewed from the center. Truly, a circular version of this fruit would be easier to draw. A circle with a small green part at the top, would do just fine. This’ll be fun though.

Similar to the pizza lesson in the food section – you’ll notice that I use a very analytical approach to the design here. This way, whether you’re just sketching – or actually designing… you’d got a sure-fire way to go about it.


First Step – Plan and Divide – the Structure of an Open Orange

About a circle and cross, you can quickly and easily sketch and/or visualize the path to take when drawing a cross-section of this fruit.

Here it is…

Circle for drawing a cartoon orange Circle with a cross overtop of it for drawing an orange Dividing the circle into eight equal parts Adding final details for drawing a cartoon orange

It’s completely doable… drawing something circular and divided this intricately free-hand style. But when it comes to design – there’s nothing wrong with using a ruler, protractor, etc., to help you get things BANG ON.

Let’s draw now!

Second Step – The Design of a Cartoon Orange

Circles and curves are the steps to take in bringing your fruit into view. The distances apart, and individual placement of each are what ultimately convinces the observer – either YES – it is this kind of fruit!… or the opposite reaction of – what is it!?

Six examples…

Drawing the perimeter of the cartoon orange Drawing the interior of the cartoon orange Drawing the center of the cartoon orange Drawing the sections of the cartoon orange Black and white drawing of a cartoon orange Drawing of a cartoon orange

Consider this. If you were to use an orange marker/vector line/pencil crayon/etc. — instead of black — you can create some really neat "cartoony-yet-still-sort-of-realistic" effects. Give it a shot!

Alright – that’s a wrap.

Orange you glad you did this lesson? 🙂