How to Draw a Cartoon Ostrich

Cartoon ostrich drawing

Whoah! Here’s a unique take on a cartoon ostrich. And yes – it’s all in the lines. Using simple ‘thinner!’ lines… you can separate your drawing in specific areas, making for a truly interesting color pattern.

It’s not a true reflection of ‘real’ ostrich colors – BUT… it is a cartoon – so have fun… come up with interesting takes on your drawings and characters.

Alright, out of the sand – and let’s draw…

How to Draw a Cartoon Ostrich

So just like pretty much any other bird – we’ve got a simple structure to reflect upon before you start putting down any lines.

Think about what goes where – and how… now!

Framework for drawing a cartoon ostrich

And starting with the eye and beak – begin to gradually bring your lines into view. Notice the big eye – and big eyebrow too… just like the real bird would have. Exaggerate in places to make it unique – and cartoony.

Like so…

Drawing the beak and eye of the cartoon ostrich

Balanced around the cross – the angle is set before-hand, making it easier for you to recognize and draw. Does it help? It’s all about practice and repetition – never forget!

Drawing the eye and beak of the cartoon ostrich

And just like that – we’re already down to the body now. Truly, birds are easy to draw. Like fish. Simple bodies – similar with every variation. It’s fun to draw them, because its there features on which we focus… more right brain function.


Drawing the neck and wing of the cartoon ostrich

Combining smooth curves, which random bumps like I’ve done above – is an effective way to create the illusion of feathers. Nice and simple.

Drawing the tail and wing of the cartoon ostrich

Here’s our cartoon ostrich – lines complete…

Drawing the feet of the cartoon ostrich

And now – right after you sketch in additional thinner separating lines – making way for a neat color pattern… here’s the final outcome…

Drawing of a cartoon ostrich

Well that was fun!

How did yours turn out? Did you stick to a color pattern of your own? Always always always… make these drawings unique to you. My examples are here to help you improve. I hope they inspire you! 🙂

Stay tuned.