How to Draw a Cartoon Otter

Cartoon otter drawing

With its long and slender body, this cartoon otter also looks quite similar to another animal – and very popular pet… a ferret. Whichever you decide to draw here, I recommend you have a look at a photo of the real animals so that you can best bring out their ‘key’ features.

Sound good? Great! Let’s draw…

First Step – About a Curvy Spine…

Standing upright, this animal takes on a unique look of its own. Come to think of it – and other than a ferret – a meerkat or even a prairie dog could also be created in a similar way to this.

Here’s how to draw its slender body structure…

Head and spine of a cartoon otter Drawing a framework for a cartoon otter Framework for drawing a cartoon otter

One of the most important features to include – making this an otterish creature and not some other animal — are its whiskers. If you want, go ahead and sketch in a few light ones now – something to remind you for later on – when you’re all done.

Now to the drawing.

Second Step – This is How Our Animal Takes Form

Similar to the owl from previous – I broke this lesson down into 9 simple steps. Of course – depending on what we’re drawing – and at what level it is — this will always vary.

Here’s how to draw it…

Drawing the eyes and nose of a cartoon otter Drawing the face of a cartoon otter Drawing the head of a cartoon otter Drawing the body of a cartoon otter Drawing the arms of a cartoon otter Drawing the remaining limbs of a cartoon otter Completing the cartoon otter Black and white drawing of a cartoon otter character Drawing of a cartoon otter

Thumbs up – taking on a unique ‘character’ of its own – that’s all there is to drawing a cute little sea-dwelling creature of your own.

See you again tomorrow for another cartoon drawing lesson!