How to Draw a Cartoon Owl

Cartoon owl drawing

This cartoon owl – perched on top of a rock, is actually very similar to the one you see on top of the haunted house from a very recent lesson. Notice how the further away something is – the less detailed it is as well. Something to think about!

Generic and simple – with physical features to appear more like the ‘Great Horned’ species – this lesson is easy! 🙂

First Step – How to Draw the Structure for Your Bird

Horizontally across the screen, you’ve got three steps to create an easy-to-work-with structure for your cartoon bird. As you can see, it all comes down to only two very basic shapes – a circle and an oval.

Here it is…

Framework for drawing a cartoon owl Cartoon owl drawing framework Completed framework for drawing a cartoon owl

The green areas of course – map out the feet/talons and yes – the horns! No – there not actually horns, but tufts of feathers that give the Great Horned variety its name.

OK – let’s create!

Second Step – Drawing Your Owl

Able to break this down into only nine steps – and with a touch of creativity, the unique-looking bird you see below is something to aim for when your all finished the lesson. Of course, with only a few subtle changes in the lines – yours may look more like a Barn Owl, a Screech Owl – or some other kind. Experiment!

Here’s how it looks…

Drawing the beak of the cartoon owl Drawing the brow of the cartoon owl Drawing the eyes and beak of the owl Drawing the face of the cartoon owl Drawing the ears of the cartoon owl Drawing the body of the cartoon owl Drawing the feet of the cartoon owl Black and white drawing of a cartoon owl Drawing of a cartoon owl

Planning ahead of time – the rock is something I knew would obstruct the view of the tail feathers – as you can now see – they fall in behind it. If however, this bird was perched on a branch – you’d need to account for them. A simple triangular shape would help to map this out prior to drawing.

And there you go!