How to Draw a Cartoon Panda

Cartoon panda drawing

This particular cartoon panda is almost so circular – it looks like a big stuffed animal. In this lesson, I purposely used circles and ovals only to show just how simple it can be drawn.

Quickly, off to the side of your page, go ahead and draw a series of overlapping circles to a form that’s similar to the drawing you see to the right. Don’t worry about perfection… just get it looking close to the one in the example.

Fourteen circles (four are actually ovals!) is all it takes – one overlapping the other, to create this simple cartoon bear.

Keep this idea in mind – not just for this lesson, but for others as well that you come across. Remember, everything can be broken down to a series of simple shapes. And once you grasp this – along with practice of course… drawing becomes a whole lot easier.

OK – let’s begin…

Framework for drawing a cartoon panda

First Step – Begin Your Circular Cartoon Panda

The head and body of your panda are the first two things you should be concerned with. Two lightly sketched overlapping circles help secure both in place.

Next up… draw a simple cross over the top circle. This of course helps to maintain symmetry and placement of the facial features of your cartoon panda. Do you always need a cross? No. But it helps! Frankly speaking, the more you practice – the less you’ll need to use such guidelines.

Alright, zooming in on the top circle, go ahead and draw a simple circular face for your panda.

Just like this…

Drawing the head structure of the cartoon panda Drawing the face of the cartoon panda Drawing the head of the cartoon panda

Pretty neat isn’t it! The entire face is just a series of circles. Can’t get much simpler than that! Still, if you want to take things a step further here, changing the look of your panda’s face… then by all means do! One idea would be to change the shape of the patches around your panda’s eyes.

Face all drawn? Great. Next then, let’s finish it off by draw a body – composed of yes — more circles!…

Drawing of a cartoon panda

And Then… Complete Your Panda’s Body

One big circle later – followed by four circles or ovals for limbs, and you cartoon panda is well on the way to being finished.

Final bit… take out an eraser and get rid of your underlying guidelines. After that, get out the pencil crayons and add some color.

Something to note: because I planned ahead of time to color the limbs and ears black, the overlapping of the final lines is no big deal. Color directly over them and your panda will turn out just fine.

And that’s all. Nice job! 🙂