How to Draw a Cartoon Parrot

Cartoon parrot drawing

Learning how to draw a funny cartoon parrot like the one above – is easy enough after a little bit of initial planning. Planning of course – in the form of a simple framework such that you can put more energy into the creative process – DRAWING – as that’s where the fun is!

This particular bird – the Macaw – is easily one of my favorites. Found in the rainforests of Costa Rica (and other places too!) it’s bright flashy colors make it not only popular… but extremely fun to draw (and color) as well.

Here goes!

First Step – Draw a Framework for Your Cartoon Parrot

First up – let’s come up with a simple ‘parrot-like’ framework by isolating and arranging the basic shapes which compose it. Below, I’ve done just this – and as you can see… all it takes is a couple of ovals to get started…

Two circles for drawing a cartoon parrot Framework for drawing a cartoon macaw parrot

Sitting upright – keeping cartoony and all… this parrot’s going to have a rather funny posture/stance going on. Note how the green lines indicate the beak in the front — and the tail curving away at the back.

Now to the drawing!…

Second Step – Draw the Head of Your Cartoon Parrot

OK – let’s draw. First up, much like any other ‘sentient’ lesson — begin with the eyes and nose (this case – beak), and then branch out from there. In so many steps – here’s how your parrot’s head may take shape…

Drawing the head of a cartoon parrot Drawing the other eye of the parrot Drawing the eyebrows of the cartoon parrot Drawing the head of the cartoon parrot

Looking pretty neat up to this point – how’s yours coming along? Don’t ever forget… a big part of the fun in drawing is coming up with your own unique ideas along the way. Bigger eyes, a funny ‘featherish’ hairdochange the beak around. Really – the sky’s the limit when it comes to cartoons and creativity – so take your time here – make use of the framework (lightly sketched of course) and have some fun.

And when you’re ready – it’s on to the body!…

Final Step – Draw Your Parrot’s Body!

Now that the head’s in place, venture on down the framework/drawing and begin to sketch in the various parts of its body. And yes – sequence taken into account… because this parrot’s being viewed at a 3/4 angle, it’s not a bad idea to draw yours in a similar order to how I draw mine below.

Alright then – here’s how it takes shape…

Completing the head of the cartoon parrot Drawing the left wing of the cartoon parrot Completing the left wing of the cartoon parrot Drawing the breast of the cartoon parrot Drawing the other foot of the cartoon parrot Drawing the tail feathers of the cartoon parrot Drawing the feet of the cartoon parrot Drawing the other wing of the cartoon parrot Drawing the final details of the cartoon parrot Drawing of a cartoon parrot

Toward the very end – in the two images directly above… you can see how I’ve taken some of the key ‘Macaw markings’ into account by marking off the face and feather area according to how a real one ‘might’ look. Do this too. Take a look at a photo and see if you can bring out some of its key features in your own unique way.

Well – that’s all for this lesson. Your cartoon parrot drawing skills have officially taken flight!