How to Draw a Cartoon Peacock

Cartoon peacock drawing

Similar to a turkey – this cartoon peacock has a circular feather pattern that can be easily drawn in with the aid of a simple guideline. In behind the small body of the bird, a large ‘half circle’ helps to secure the area where you’ll sketch them in behind.

Shortcut! Instead of carefully detailing each and every little feather – you can simplify with cartoonish swirvy lines like I did in the finished version above. Really though – it’s up to you with how detailed you want to go.

To the lesson…

Learn How to Draw a Cartoon Peacock

First up – go ahead and sketch yourself (or visualize in mind) – a simple framework like the one in the following example. Don’t worry about getting it exact – just try to get the general idea down.

In short, know what goes where…

Cartoon peacock framework

Now, fading out our framework – go to the head of your bird and begin drawing the left eye (accounting for the slight head turn), followed by the beak…

Drawing the head of the cartoon peacock

In and around the first few lines – bring forth the head of your bird. Notice – a peacock has a small head and long neck…

Drawing the neck and body of the cartoon peacock

Again, sort of like a turkey – bring the first part of the tail feathers into view as they *might* appear in behind the body. Notice the ‘randomness’ of my lines. You too!… get random!!!

Drawing the body of the cartoon peacock

The feet are easily drawn and mirrored to complete the body of your cartoon peacock. And as always – it’s best to bring forth those parts of the drawing which would appear closest to the eye of the observer – first.

Yes – that’s why we leave the tail feathers for last!…

Drawing the feet of the cartoon peacock

Like the spokes on a wheel (notice how the left side – your left side – is slightly shorter to account for the slight tilt. This of course, is because the right side of the peacock – even though it may be hard to see… would actually appear slightly shorter given that the bird is tilted away from the observer…

Drawing the tail feathers of the peacock

Fill in the gaps – more curvy feather lines!

Black and white drawing of a cartoon peacock

Not much to add here – just get creative and draw some really cool details! Don’t do what I did – do what you want to do here! Make your peacock unique!!! 🙂

Detailed drawing of a cartoon peacock

Sky’s the limit with respect to the color scheme and pattern. Have fun making your bird truly different from any other!…

Drawing of a cartoon peacock

And in the end – we’ve drawn and said everything we need to – to make this drawing happen.

Hope you had fun with it and as always – I encourage you to continue taking your art to the next level as you keep plugging away – practicing… repeating… trying new methods and ideas… and ultimately — improving! 🙂

Til next time!