How to Draw Cartoon People

Drawing cartoon people is actually more simple than you think.

Just like with any other drawing people are made up of a simple arrangement of shapes.

To see what I mean, take a look at one of those wooden mannequins – something many artists use, to practice drawing humans.

See how each part of the figure is actually just a shape?

If you think about it, drawing people can be more simple than drawing other things.

That’s because even though we may look different from each other on the outside, we all still have the same basic structure

How so?

Well for example…

A person’s head is pretty much always going to be a circle or an oval.

Similarly, the arms and legs are always going to be shaped like rectangles.

Cartoon People Figure

So, while the size of each shape that makes up each body part may change, the arrangement of these shapes will not!

And once you get this arrangement down, drawing cartoon people becomes much easier!

Now, before you dive into the drawing lessons below, let me first offer you a little advice.

If you’re just starting out, "stick" with the stick person!

You’ll see that the first of a three-part drawing lesson below actually encourages you to draw stick people. Begin here and work your way up.

Just some advice as I think it will help you out. 🙂

Well, I’m sure you’re about ready to begin. So, click on one of the lessons below and enjoy!

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  • Cartoon Ninja

    Draw a cartoon ninja. And if the purple, red + green isn’t working for you – go more stealth mode with the colors!

  • How to Draw a Girl

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  • How to Draw Spock

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  • Bruce Lee Cartoon

    Bruce Lee was one of the greatest martial artists of all time. Draw a simple cartoon version of him here!

  • Cartoon Angel

    Words like ‘simple’ and ‘sequence’ come to mind when drawing a graceful cartoon angel like this one.

  • Cartoon Baby

    If you’re going to draw a cartoon baby, he or she’s got to be cute! Here, customize your baby as you see fit.

  • Cartoon Girl

    In this lesson, find out how simple it is to draw a cartoon girl and how to draw Japanese kimono as well!

  • Cartoon Boy

    Check out this lesson to see how drawing a cartoon boy is actually pretty easy. Give it a try!

  • Cartoon Woman

    Using a simple drawing strategy to learn how to draw a unique cartoon woman creation of your very own.

  • Cartoon Man

    Drawing a cartoon man is pretty straight forward. Check out this lesson to see how and why this is so!

  • Drawing Cartoon People – Introduction

    Discover how drawing cartoon people of different sizes, shapes and sexes can actually be quite simple!

  • Cartoon Chef

    A cartoon chef with a rubber chicken?! Hey, why not? Cook up a brand new drawing – fresh out of the kitchen!


  • Cartoon Pirate

    Aye, here in this person-focused tutorial – try your hand at drawing this unique pirate character.

  • Cartoon Princess

    Here’s a neat way to draw a cartoon princess wearing a long dress. Draw yours to look however you like.