How to Draw a Cartoon Phoenix

Oh wow – drawing this cartoon phoenix, and then breaking it all down so that you too, could come up with a neat-looking likeness, to the popular creature, right out of Greek mythology…

Was awesome!

Working through this lesson, I recommend – that while going through each step, making your character somewhat similar to mine…

That you really branch out – and see where you can make yours especially unique.

OK, let’s begin!

Drawing a Cartoon Phoenix

First thing then, I went ahead – and came up with a simple breakdown… outlining the various lines and shapes – simplified, that could be seen to compose the final drawing that you see above.

I say "could", as perhaps – you may a simplified structure, coming together differently.

First thing then, positioning the body on a 3/4 tilt – along a line of action…

Framework for drawing a cartoon phoenix

And then – with some green and purple…

Here’s how the frame of this cartoon phoenix comes together – adding key defining features, those like the wing frame, beak area, and the back of its head.

Here’s what we’ve got, so far…

Drawing a cartoon phoenix framework

Drawing time then! – please go ahead and begin (whether you’re using a framework or not), and sketch in the beak, eye and back-head (flame feathers) area – of the bird.

Here’s how mine looks…

Drawing the head of the cartoon phoenix

And next – fading what we just drew, out to grey…

Continue on with the phoenix – drawing in more face details, and down to the neck and chest-feather areas…

Drawing the head and neck of the phoenix

More neck feathers – and also – more of the front of the main body, even sketching in part of the upper-left leg, here’s how mine looks up to this point…

Drawing the neck and body of the cartoon phoenix

OK! Looking good.

So with this next part – don’t be alarmed!

I’ve gone ahead and completed the entire first part of the wing area. And yes – while a lot of those spiky little lines, look a little bit complex, remember to focus on your own style and creation techniques.

Just let go, be quick, light and free with your pencil – and see what sort of cool pattern you can come up with.

So yes, don’t copy mine – just get it somewhat close. And don’t think too hard about it, either.

Just let go! 🙂

Drawing the wings and feet of the cartoon phoenix

Out to those large fiery wings of our cartoon phoenix, next – go ahead and sketch out something similar to what I’ve got below.

I worked one shape after the other – starting at the very top on either side, and then alternating (right –> left), all the way down to the bottom.

Feel free to put A TON! more detail in, also. My "fire shapes" are really basic. Just wanted to get the "idea of fire" across.

Surely though, you can really get wild with this part!

Drawing the wings and foot of the cartoon phoenix

Yes, and then same thing as above – moving right to left, and top to bottom…

More fiery shapes!

Of course, draw them in an order/sequence that best suits you.

Drawing the fiery feathers of the cartoon phoenix

Even more shapes – finishing details for the wings of our cartoon phoenix, actually – and then yes…

Go on down to the tail, and if you like – as I’ve done…

Leave some breaks along it – a sort of premeditation if you will, for more details to come! 🙂

Drawing the wings and tail of the cartoon phoenix

Tail details – and then yes…

Draw, a cliff!

Drawing the rock and tail of the phoenix

OK – this is looking so cool now.

Next up, let’s finalize things – by checking out the resulting version of our phoenix – just black and white….

Black and white drawing of a cartoon phoenix

And then – BAM…

Drawing of a cartoon phoenix

Varying red hues…

To bring this fiery cartoon phoenix – to life!

Pretty fun drawing lesson – did you enjoy it as much as I did, creating it?

Sure hope so!

See you REAL SOON for another.