How to Draw Cartoon Pictures

Drawing everyday cartoon pictures.

Whether you’re at home, work, school, etc. this section of the site is for learning how to draw simple everyday items

Things that would be very practical to learn how to draw as they could fit in an infinite number of different situations.

Off the top of my head…

Things like a house, a computer, and of course – a pencil, all come to mind.

But really, I could go on all day long. Take a look around you – there are all sorts of things to draw!

Cartoon Pictures

This section will be lots of fun as it will always be a surprise as to what kind of new picture you can learn to create next.

Refrigerator? Computer? Desk lamp?

Always a toss up!

But speaking of ‘desk lamp’ – have a look at the funny cartoon character I came up with in the example.

Really, with respect to absolutely anyTHING you can think of – there’s always a way to turn it into a cartoon.

So for sure, while working through the lessons you find here…

See if you can take things a step further and come up with some of your very own neat-looking character creatons.

To begin drawing various cartoon pictures, choose from any of the lessons below…

Beginner   |    Intermediate   |    Advanced


  • How to Draw a Cartoon Candle

    Here’s a neat-looking (elegant even…) cartoon candle. Hope you have fun with it!

  • Cartoon Money

    Here, learn how to create your very own MONEY!!… in the form of a drawing that is.

  • Cartoon Fishing Lure

    Draw a simple cartoon fishing lure – commonly known as a spoon – or in this case… a ‘cleo’.

  • How to Draw a Teddy Bear

    How to draw a simple cartoon teddy bear. Use squiggly lines to make it look ‘stuffed’.

  • Japanese Lantern

    Learn how to draw a Japanese lantern, red – and bearing the name of a famous food!

  • Cartoon TV

    Draw a cool-looking cartoon TV. When you’re finished, add a picture of your favorite show!

  • How to Draw a Table

    Learn how to draw a table in two different ways – with and without perspective taken into account.

  • How to Draw a Ball

    Drawing a ball that looks spherical and real is easier if you have some sort of guide to work with.

  • How to Draw Swords

    Learn how to draw four cool-looking cartoon swords: two-handed, gladiator, pirate and the katana!

  • Cartoon Guitar

    Exemplified in this cartoon guitar lesson, omitting certain parts will still yield a great-looking drawing.

  • Cartoon Castle

    In this lesson, think up a cool design for your own cartoon castle. And once you’ve done that… draw it!

  • Cartoon Pencil Drawing

    It’s only right, a lesson on the site that teaches you how to create a simple cartoon pencil drawing.

  • Cartoon House

    Truly, there’s no place like home. In this lesson – learn how to draw a simple, generic cartoon house.

  • How to Draw Cartoon Lightning

    Drawing a simple cartoon lightning bolt like this one, is almost as fast as the lightning itself!

  • How to Draw Cartoon Rainbow

    In this lesson, learn how to draw a simple cartoon rainbow as it would appear ‘arced’ between two clouds.

  • How to Draw Cartoon Clouds

    Drawing simple cartoon clouds like the one in this lesson is a snap! Easy, peezy… check it out.

  • How to Draw Cartoon Fire

    Stop, drop and roll! This cartoon drawing lesson will set you ablaze with fire desire!

  • Cartoon Sun

    Similar to numbers on a clock, learn to draw a simple cartoon sun – one that’s ‘cooler’ than hot!


  • Apple iPad

    In this drawing lesson, learn how to draw one of Apple’s most famous products – the iPad.

  • How to Draw the Mona Lisa

    Draw a cartoon likeness to one of the most famous paintings ever – Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’.

  • Cartoon Computer

    Here it is – a simple cartoon computer drawing… mapped out, customized, and created by you!

  • Cartoon Earth

    See how simple drawing the earth can be with this interesting drawing technique. Try it at other angles.