How to Draw Cartoon Pigs that Can Fly!

Cartoon pigs image

We all know the famous saying… ‘when pigs fly’. But what about cartoon pigs? Fly? Sure they can! And that’s because when it comes to drawing, NOTHING is impossible. You can create whatever you want.

Actually, this lesson focuses on drawing a simple pig, minus the wings. I threw the wings in about mid-way through the lesson though, just to spice things up a little. So with or without the wings – it’s up to you.

Unlike some of the other four-legged animals, pigs can be easier to draw due to their simplified oval-like shape. And you’ll see how and why this is true very shortly, as you sketch out a simple framework for your cartoon pig.

Well, no point waiting around til ‘when pigs fly’… nope – let’s get started right now!

First Step – Draw a Triple-Circle Cartoon Pig Framework

Go ahead and draw three circles on the page in front of you. Have them overlap at the lower left corner. Feel free to have them overlap at the lower right if you wish to have your pig face the other direction…

Circles and ovals for drawing cartoon pigs Mapping out a framework for drawing cartoon pigs

With the circles in place, you can begin to see how this cartoon pig is taking shape. Each circle plays a very important part in the core design of your drawing. The big circle is the body, the medium circle – the head, and the smaller circle will soon become the flat end of its nose… a trademark of all pigs, cartoon or not.

Once the circles are in place, continue by mapping out some of the other key features. Triangles for ears, straight lines for legs and a tail. It’s also a good idea to draw a cross over the face circle to help you position the facial features in the next step. Do this and you’re ready to move forward…

Drawing the eyes and snout of cartoon pigs

Second Step – Draw an ‘Oinky’ Pig Face

Here’s a good way to approach drawing the ‘oinky’ face of your cartoon pig. My advice – begin by drawing the left (your right) eye of the pig. And use the cross to help place it into position.

Now, with the first eye in place, note that the pig is turned to its right side. Because of this, it will look much better if you draw the snout first and then come back again to draw the other eye – or at least the part of it that is not obscured by the snout…

Drawing the ears of a cartoon pig Completing the head of a cartoon pig

Using the framework, place your lines carefully in an around the head area of your cartoon pig. To summarize the order of which things to draw, I suggest: Left Eye > Snout > Right Eye > Ears… and then sketch in the remaining parts of the head using the circle/framework as your guide.

And if you like, keep going by adding some facial details. In my case, I’m going to save these details for a bit later. Maybe after I’ve drawn more of the body, I’ll change my mind as to how they should look. We’ll see…

Drawing the body of a cartoon pig

Third Step – Can Your Pig Fly?

Very nice… now we’re on to the part where we’ve got to decide: Can my pig fly? If so, you’ll need to carefully place and draw some wings, BEFORE you draw the rest of the body.

But, if this is just your average, everyday ‘roll in the mud’ pig, then no problem… continue on with the body by following the three steps below.

Basically, in drawing the wings you’ve got to make sure that you draw them before you sketch in the body of your cartoon pig. Then, after – when it comes time to draw the body… you’ll only draw those parts that can be seen from behind the left wing.

Drawing the back of a cartoon pig Drawing the legs of a cartoon pig Drawing the hooves of a cartoon pig

For the body, use the circle to help you draw. Notice that I deviated by drawing down and away from the top line of the circle. This gives my pig a completely different shape than I had originally planned. Do the same if you like. You can make your pig bigger, smaller, fatter or skinnier… it’s completely up to you!

Once the body’s in place, get the legs drawn. Notice the positioning of the legs due to the angle at which we’re viewing it? Take this into account. The closest leg is slightly larger than the rest.

Fourth Step – Cartoon Pigs have Springy, Curly Tails – Like This…

Drawing the tail of your cartoon pig can be lots of fun. A pig tail looks really neat when you give it the ‘springy’ effect as you see in the examples below…

Drawing the coils of a pig tail Drawing the next part of the pig's tail Giving the pig's tail a coil effect

Follow along with the first two images by drawing two lines that come together to form the first of three loops. After, drawing the remaining two will seem a whole lot easier. The blue line (your lightly penciled line) is only there as a guide.

And with the tail in place, you’re almost at the finish line. Time to get those details drawn!

Drawing of a cartoon pig

Final Step – Your Cartoon Pig is Complete!

So now you’re pretty much ready to wrap things up. Go ahead and draw in whatever details you feel necessary to bring your drawing to life.

The basics? Well… pupils, nostrils (make them 3D with a couple additional lines), the inside of the ears. This is where I stopped. But keep going if you like!

How about some teeth or a tongue? I know… draw a big DOLLAR sign on the side along with a slot on top to turn your cartoon pig into a ‘cartoon piggy bank‘! 🙂

Yes, with this little guy the sky’s the limit. Then again, the sky literally is your pig’s limit if you decided to give it wings!

Here’s to a job well done and see you again real soon for another Cartoon Animal drawing lesson.