How to Draw a Cartoon Pizza

Cartoon pizza drawing

Drawing a cartoon pizza is a pretty darn easy task – much easier than actually making one!

As far as I know, pretty much everyone loves pizza. It’s easily one of the most loved food around and because of this, I’m sure this will be one of the most favored food drawing lessons.

While working through this lesson, remember that it’s only a guide with suggestions as to how you should go about drawing one. So try not to do exactly as I do…

…surely you’ve got your own favourite "style" of pizza, right? Well, go ahead and draw yours the way you like it with different toppings and with a different crust. Have fun with it!

And… it’s time to draw!

Dividing a circle up into eight equal parts

First Step – Draw and Divide a Circle

The first thing to do is create a simple circle on the page in front of you. Do this now.

Next, draw a cross – just like how you’ve done in other lessons on the site. As you know, a cross is an excellent way to keep symmetry and proportion when drawing a face.

First cross in place? OK. Go ahead and draw a second one. Draw the second cross so that it is rotated 45 degrees from the first one. In doing this, you’ve got a pizza with eight equal slices. But hey, if you prefer twelve, then by all means — go ahead and make the adjustments! 🙂

Well, at this point you’ve got an excellent guideline from which to draw the perfect cartoon pizza. From here on forward, it’s up to you what path to take in order to come up with one that’s just right for you!

Drawing the crust of the cartoon pizza

Second Step – The Perfect Crust!

Any idea what crust your pizza will have? Thin? Thick? No crust???

Which ever it is, the next thing you’ll want to do is draw the crust of your cartoon pizza so that it resembles your favourite kind. In my case, I kept the crust very traditional… not too thick… not too thin.

Follow along the circle guideline to ensure that the crust of your pizza remains circular and continues to look the way its supposed to.

Got your crust in place? Excellent… it’s on to the toppings then!

Drawing the toppings for the cartoon pizza

Final Step – Loads of Toppings!

It’s a pretty quick and straight-forward lesson isn’t it! If only pizzas could be served this fast!

For the next (and last) step, go ahead and draw the toppings for your cartoon pizza. Do this before you draw the dividing lines that separate your pizza into eight equal slices.

In my case, it was pepperoni (circles), green peppers (squares), mushrooms (mushrooms!), and onions (smaller squares). And in your case? How about simple squares to make a ham and pineapple pizza? Anchovies!? It’s up to you!

In the end – and yes, I’m sure you’re very hungry at this point… you’ve got the perfect cartoon pizza. Color it, put it on your wall… but just try not to eat it!

And that’s that. Very nice work!