How to Draw a Cartoon Polar Bear

Cartoon polar bear drawing

Simple in approach, this cartoon polar bear is really easy to draw – given that we first come up with a simple guideline – a framework! Here, we have its arm positioned such that you can give it some sort of special ‘item’. Maybe something a tad more exciting than a snowball. 🙂

Here goes !

First Step – Draw a Framework

Kicking things into action, begin your framework using the diagrams below to help you progress. Notice how our character is made up of three core circles. Also notice how the grey lines provide a visual for the symmetry involved.

Here’s how it looks…

Three circles to draw a cartoon polar bear Framework for drawing a cartoon polar bear

One thing’s for sure – I’m not in any way concerned here with making this bear ‘look exactly how it’s supposed to’. Nope. Shorter legs, a bit longer in the arms… I’ve gone a bit off-course to come up with something unique. And I encourage you to do the same! 🙂

Now let’s draw…

Second Step – Draw Your Polar Bear, Step by Step

From the head to the lower areas at the bottom of the drawing, use the following examples to aid in bringing your character into view.

Here’s how things pan out…

Drawing the face of a cartoon polar bear Drawing the snout of a cartoon polar bear Drawing the head of a cartoon polar bear Drawing the back of the polar bear's head Drawing the arms of the cartoon polar bear Drawing the body of the cartoon polar bear Drawing the feet of the cartoon polar bear Drawing the claws of the cartoon polar bear Drawing of a cartoon polar bear Cartoon drawing of a polar bear

And finishing up – your cartoon animal just about complete now, see if you can get a bit more creative with respect to what it’s holding/grabbing in it’s right paw. What do you think… a can of pop… a paper airplane… a penguin!? Get creative!!

That’s the end of the lesson, see you again super soon for another. 🙂