How to Draw a Cartoon Possum

Cartoon possum drawing

In this animal drawing lesson – creating a simple cartoon possum, I’ve taken two simple shapes – a circle (head) and oval (body) – and slowly formed the character around them. A nice example of just how simple drawing cartoons can be!

On to the lesson!

First Step – Draw a Framework

To begin – sketch out two shapes just as mentioned up top… a circle for the head, and an oval for the body. After that, mark off any key defining details to best bring out that ‘likeness’ to a possum.

Like so…

Drawing a cartoon possum framework Lines for drawing a cartoon possum

The green lines in my examples mark off the snout (they have longer snouts!) and tail (they have long tails too!!). It’s these key details that distinguish our drawing from other animals.

Now let’s draw…

Second Step – Draw Your possum, Step by Step

As you draw your animal – always remember that you can change things up as you progress. You’ll notice below – that for its fur… I’ve given the animal a more spikey look. Soften it up a bit if you wish!

Here’s how to draw it…

Drawing the eyes and ears of a cartoon possum Drawing the head of a cartoon possum Drawing the hair and tail of a cartoon possum Drawing the body of a cartoon possum Drawing the arm of a cartoon possum Drawing the belly and limbs of a cartoon possum Black and white drawing of a cartoon possum Drawing of a cartoon possum

Of course – it’s the coloring that really brings out the ‘character in your character’ a lot of the time. Right away, with the addition of some dark grayand pink — just like a real one – your possum looks all the more like how it’s ‘supposed to’. In short – you’ve achieved a nice likeness!

And that’s all!