How to Draw a Cartoon Pumpkin

Cartoon pumpkin drawing

Here’s a very simple drawing lesson – a cartoon pumpkin. Based on only a circle and a centerline, create one of your own – the perfect shape and size from which to take things a step further… and of course – transform it into a Jack-O-Lantern!

Let’s begin! 🙂

First Step – Base Your Drawing on This…

While drawing, it’ll help to use the following guideline to base your vegetable on and around. It’s not absolutely necessary – but it can surely help to maintain a more symmetrical shape.

Here it is…

Cartoon pumpkin framework line A circle for drawing a cartoon pumpkin framework

Remember — change the shape of the circle to something longer, wider, skinnier etc. – to come up with the perfect pumpkin for you. In this way – drawing one is the same as searching for one in a patch!

On to the drawing part…

Second Step – Draw Your Pumpkin, Step by Step

Well, carefully – and step by step, here’s how this lesson takes shape. Keep in mind – you can alter these steps to again – come up with something a bit more unique to the look you’re going for. Experiment with it!

And here we go…

Drawing the top and bottom of a cartoon pumpkin Drawing the top and bottom curves of a cartoon pumpkin Drawing the perimeter of a cartoon pumpkin Drawing the inner curved lines of a cartoon pumpkin Black and white drawing of a cartoon pumpkin Drawing of a cartoon pumpkin

Orange – green… yup – these are the colors to add when everything’s mapped out in front of you. But hold up on the curvy lines in the middle until afterwards, if you plan on adding a face!

Stay tuned for some more Halloween lessons – at least one everyday, all the way through October 31st!