How to Draw a Cartoon Puppy

Cartoon puppy drawing

Alright… how about a cartoon puppy for this next drawing lesson? Sounds like a good idea to me.

Babies are cuter when you give them big heads and big eyes. And with drawing this ‘baby dog‘… it’s no different.

Now, just as in other lessons, we’ll use a framework to get the job done. But something to note… depending on what kind of dog your puppy will be (German Shepherd? Chow?)… you’ll want to make some slight adjustments in its physical makeup.

To the right, you can see that my dog is actually pretty generic-looking. You might even call it a ‘mut’. Still, with a few alterations in the original design (and color too), I could easily change it into a specific breed.

How so? Well… coloring it white with black spots – just the way it is, would turn it into a Dalmatian. Or, giving him big pointy ‘bat-like’ ears would turn it into a Chihuahua. See what you can come up with.


First Step – Develop a Framework for Your Cartoon Puppy

If your puppy’s going to have a bigger head, then it makes complete sense to show this in your framework (if you choose to use one). Take a look at the examples below. Note how the bigger circle becomes the head of the puppy…

Cartoon puppy framework drawing Using a cross to draw a cartoon puppy Drawing the limbs of a cartoon puppy

Draw the framework similar to how I’ve drawn mine. Once the circles are drawn, use some simple well-placed lines to position the cross, the neck, the feet and the tail.

Do this, and it’s on to the actual drawing…

Second Step – A Cartoon Head for Your Cartoon Puppy

I’d say, the head is the most important part. I’ve intentionally made it bigger than the body – not just to give it a sort of ‘funny cartoonish look’… but also… to make it look more like an actual puppy.

Follow along in the examples below to get some ideas for how to draw the head of yours…

Drawing the eye and nose of a cartoon puppy Drawing the eye and snout of a cartoon puppy Drawing the ear of a cartoon puppy Drawing the head of a cartoon puppy Drawing the other ear of a cartoon puppy Drawing the mouth of the cartoon puppy

Note: Because this little guy’s got his head turned slightly to the right, the cross is intentionally curved. And so, facial features such as the lower right eye, part of the right ear, and the right side of the face – are obstructed. If viewed from straight on or from the side, it’d be a whole different story.

Face drawn? Great! Let’s keep on going…

Final Step – Give Your Puppy Some Legs and a Body!

Alright… now that you’ve got the head of your cartoon puppy drawn, it’s time now to move on down to the body. The simple smaller circle helps a great deal in positioning it with relation to the head.

As you can see below, I recommend you begin with the legs, and then work your way up from there…

Drawing the legs of the cartoon puppy Drawing the neck of the cartoon puppy Cartoon drawing of a puppy

Well, it’s pretty easy to see… this cartoon puppy’s all the more cute once it’s finished. And when you’re finished, be sure to get rid of the underlying framework and depending on what kind of puppy it is… add some color!

And there it is… you’re all done and it’s as cute as can be! That’s how to draw — a cartoon puppy. 🙂