How to Draw a Cartoon Rabbit

Cartoon rabbit drawing

Drawing a cartoon rabbit like the one you see to your right is a simple task, especially if you have a basic arrangement of six circles to give it its shape.

I wonder… can you locate these circles RIGHT NOW… before you scroll on down the page? Well let’s see…

A good place to start would be to have a circle for the head. Next, how about another for the main body. And then the other four? You guessed it! Two for its front paws, and another two for its legs.

The stance you see this rabbit in is pretty common for a cartoon version… rabbits usually look ‘cutest‘ when they’re perched upright, similar to how a chipmunk or squirrel would look in the same position. Hey, there’s an idea! If you like, see if you can tackle a squirrel or chipmunk when you’re done… use the same framework of six circles that you’ll use here to draw your rabbit.

Well, how about we get started? Let’s hop to it…

First Step – A Simple Rabbit Framework

Just as I’ve done in the example below, draw six circles arranged in such a way so that your cartoon rabbit will be sitting in an upright position. Refer up top to the finished version for a little guidance if you like to see ‘what goes where’.

Framework for drawing a cartoon rabbit Completed framework for drawing a cartoon rabbit

After that, go ahead and map out the face with a cross – just as you’d do with any cartoon face. Then draw a couple lines of about equal length to put some nice long rabbit ears in place.

Something to note… see how I’ve drawn the cross on an angle? Notice how it’s even curved. In doing so, it suggests that the head of this cartoon rabbit is in fact spherical – which of course it is! Draw yours without the curves, and straight up and down too if you like. I just did this to show you how with ever-so-slight adjustments here and there, you can change the overall look of your drawing.

Alright, let’s get on now with the actual drawing…

Second Step – Drawing the Face and Head of Your Cartoon Rabbit

Since you’ve got a nice cross to work with – great for keeping symmetry as you map out the face of your cartoon rabbit, start your drawing off with just that!

In three simple steps, here’s how the face and head of the rabbit comes into view…

Drawing the face of a cartoon rabbit Drawing the head of a cartoon rabbit Drawing the ears of a cartoon rabbit

In my case, I decided to ‘cut in‘ from the framework. And this is perfectly fine. Remember – the framework is only a guideline. You don’t necessarily need it, but it does help to keep things in order, especially if you’re drawing this for the first time.

Once you’re got the face, head and the ears too – of your rabbit drawn, let’s move on to the last phase of the lesson…

Final Step – Draw the Body and Finish It Off with Details

As you can probably see by now, drawing a cartoon rabbit can be (IS!) a pretty easy task. And of course – having a framework of six circles to guide you along is all the more helpful.

With the head in place, move on down to draw the feet, paws, and finally – the body of your cartoon rabbit like so…

Drawing the legs of a cartoon rabbit Drawing the body of a cartoon rabbit Cartoon drawing of a rabbit

Again, just as I did with the head, I decided to cut in and away from the framework – this time with the body. Experiment with this. Sometimes it makes more sense to keep with it, while other times – it’s a lot more interesting if you stray away from the framework, making for a much more unique drawing.

And well – that’s all there is too it! When you’re all finished, be sure to sketch in some well-placed details, such as the insides of the ears, dots for where the whiskers originate, pupils, lines for toes, etc. Get creative!

Nice work! 🙂