How to Draw a Cartoon Rainbow

Cartoon rainbow drawing

Drawing a cartoon rainbow like this one is a pretty simple task.

Have a look for yourself… what shapes do you think compose it?

A closer look reveals that all this rainbow really is – is a series of half circles, gradually increasing with each new arc of color.

To help keep your circles ‘looking like circles’, I recommend you use a compass. Either that or something else that’s circular – say the bottom of a can? Sure – that would work!

Alright, let’s get to it!

First Step – Drawing Rainbows in Four Simple Phases

First thing then… go ahead and draw two simple clouds – just like the one from the Cartoon Clouds drawing lesson.

Then, once you’ve got your clouds in place, get out your compass and mark off a center point between them. This will be the pivoting point for your compass needle to aid you in drawing seven arcs, sequentially increasing in size an equal margin.

Here’s how it takes shape…

Drawing two simple clouds for a cartoon rainbow Drawing the first arc for a cartoon rainbow Drawing the second and third arcs for a cartoon rainbow Drawing of a cartoon rainbow

Pretty simple isn’t it! Surley, it’d be a bit more difficult without the help of a compass. Still, I encourage you to practice drawing them ‘free hand’ as well. Always remember, the more you practice – the better you get. And same goes regarding the steadiness of your drawing hand.

Well, no need to get out all your pencil crayons. Six colors will do just fine!

Good work! 🙂