How to Draw a Cartoon Rat

Cartoon rat drawing

Here’s a simple animal lesson – drawing a cartoon rat. With a little planning ahead of time, recreating a unique version of your own, will be that much easier to do. Whenever you’re ready – let’s begin!

First Step – A Framework to Draw Your Rat

A neat way to go about drawing this rodent – is to have it standing just about upright. And this can be done by mapping out a simple structure before-hand, just like the one you see below…

The structure …

Framework for drawing a cartoon rat Framework for drawing a cartoon rat with details

Be sure to keep your lines nice and light if you do go this route. You can erase them with a kneaded eraser when you’re all finished – revealing your permanent black inked lines of the final drawing.

On to the drawing part…

Second Step – How to Draw a Rat

Beginning with its eye(s) and nose – go ahead and sketch in the various parts of the animal. One thing I didn’t get too crazy with here – is the face. I’ve given it a fairly bland look – no emotion. See if – based on things you’ve learned in the other lessons… you can alter the look, to bring out a smile – a surprised face… etc.

The steps…

Drawing the eye and nose of the cartoon rat Drawing the head of the cartoon rat Drawing the ears of the cartoon rat Drawing the body and arm of the cartoon rat Drawing the limbs of a cartoon rat Drawing the tail of a cartoon rat Black and white drawing of a cartoon rat Drawing of a cartoon rat

OK – back to the face again. The mouth line that veers right of the nose can be curved further to the right, and upward to the lower right area of its eye. When you do this, you’ll see – giving your rat a nice big smile is quite simple to do!

Hope you enjoyed the lesson!