How to Draw a Cartoon Robin

Cartoon robin drawing

I’d like to say ‘just in time for Spring’ – but really… this cartoon robin idea just sort of came to me. It was either this or a toucan. We’ll save the toucan for next time!

In this lesson, see if you can use the steps presented to visualize and create a unique cartoonified version of this bird.

Sound good? Great!

Let’s begin…

First Step – A Simple Bird Framework

Two circles – similar to drawing the duck and swan from before – are all it takes to come up with a simple – easy to work with – structure from which to draw this animal. The grey swooping line that you see below, indicates the run of the neck to the tail feathers. Branching off of this, will also be the wing.

Nice and simple…

Two circles for a cartoon robin framework Adding lines for drawing a cartoon robin

In the last lesson, I mentioned how a ladybug framework could also be used to create many other bugs. Well, the same is true here. Blue Jay! Cardinal! Finch! Toucan!?… actually – a toucan might require a little more thought! 🙂 But you get the picture.

And now – the drawing begins!

Second Step – Go Ahead and Draw Your Bird

Carefully place the lines that will soon come together to form your new cartoon drawing. I say ‘carefully’ as truly – the most subtle placement of each line will define a distinct look. Everything from the location of the eye with respect to the head circle, to the size of the wings and tail feathers… take your time and have fun!

And we’re off!…

Drawing the eye and beak of a cartoon robin Completing the eye and beak of a cartoon robin Drawing the head of a cartoon robin Drawing the body and wing of a cartoon robin Drawing the underside of a cartoon robin Drawing the tail of a cartoon robin Black and white drawing of a cartoon robin Drawing of a cartoon robin

Tiny little details really can make all the difference in a drawing. Notice the little spike at the top of the bird’s head. Also – note the shape of the eye – it’s an oval and NOT a circle.

When you’re all done – give your bird some color… BRIGHT ORANGE is a must! 🙂

You can draw a robin!!