How to Draw a Cartoon Sandwich

Cartoon sandwich drawing

Drawing a cartoon sandwich like the one you see on the right is pretty straight forward.

It’s similar to how you’d draw a hamburger, except in this case – it’s being viewed at angle and from slightly above as opposed to straight on.

The hamburger lesson is ‘2D’ while this lesson is ‘3D‘.

And – similar to some of the other 3D lessons on the site (house, computer, car)… it helps to first sketch out a simple cube to work from.

Ok, let’s begin…

Drawing a three-dimensional square for a cartoon sandwich

First – A Simple 3D Rectangular Cube

First up – go ahead and sketch yourself a nice three-dimensional cube to work from. Use a pencil and make sure your lines are nice and light.

A tip… it helps to draw the top panel first. Then, draw the exact same panel a second time, slightly lower – yet vertically in line with the first one. Once this is done, all that’s left to do is complete your cube with three simple connecting lines.

Cube all drawn? Good stuff! Let’s keep going…

And Then… Draw Your Cartoon Sandwich!

As you can see in the first two examples below, the purpose of the cube framework is to map out the top slice of bread. In a sense, all you’re doing is exaggerating various points along the cube as you bring into view the top surface of the bread, as well as the crust along the side.

Like so…

Drawing the top of the cartoon sandwich Drawing the sides of the cartoon sandwich

Now, once the top piece is in place, go ahead and draw in the peanut butter & jelly. Well… draw what ever you like actually. After all it’s your sandwich! 🙂

But, if you do decide to go the ‘P&J’ route, it’s really easy to create the effect with just a few randomly placed wavy lines, running underneath the bread.

Drawing the inside of the cartoon sandwich Drawing of a cartoon sandwich

And finally — finish off your cartoon sandwich by drawing the lower piece of bread. Use the top piece as a reference, helping you keep the bottom piece aligned as you draw it.

And well… that’s it! Hope you enjoyed the lesson!