How to Draw a Cartoon Sheep

Cartoon sheep drawing

Sheep or cartoon sheep, drawing one is a pretty straight-forward task. Head, body, feet – and after that… cover it with lots of wool!

The trick to giving off a ‘wooly’ appearance is to draw small repeating bumps, something really easy to do if you’re using a framework.

Something else to note – instead of the traditional looking sheep wool, I decided to go with a tan color as this is how it looks most of the time – before it’s sheared, cleaned and made into sweaters!

Alright, enough chatter… let’s draw this sheep!

First Step – Setup Your Cartoon Sheep Framework

Here’s what you need to do first. Draw a nice big oval on the page in front of you. A circle will work too – either way, you’ll be sectioning the top part off as you see below…

Framework of simple ovals for drawing a sheep Key lines for drawing a cartoon sheep

With the first circle in place, go ahead and draw two more smaller circles to form the head and snout of your cartoon sheep. This step is very similar to the cartoon pig lesson previous to this one.

The legs are easy. Draw them as two straight vertical lines. But after that – there’s one other thing before you move on. Place a curved centerline going up the middle of the snout and head. To you, it won’t look like the middle because we’re viewing the sheep’s head as it is slightly turned to its left. Get it like mine as best as you can.

And one last guideline to put in place. We’re going to cut the oval/circle down a bit from the top. This will give your cartoon sheep a body that’s a bit more ‘sheep-looking’. Alright, do that and you’re set to continue…

Drawing the eyes and mouth of a cartoon sheep

Second Step – Zoom in on the Head

OK, let’s focus on the head first. See how the centerline helps to keep the eyes, nose, mouth and ears aligned below? Draw the head of your cartoon sheep in the same manner.

I recommend you tackle the head in the following order: Eyes > Nose > Mouth > Wool on Head > Left Ear (Your Right) > Face Outline > Right Ear (Your Left)…

Drawing the wool and ear of a cartoon sheep Drawing the head of a cartoon sheep Drawing the other ear of a cartoon sheep

I can see the mouth being a bit tricky for you if you plan on drawing yours like the one above. You can get around this be simply leaving it closed. And come to think of it, it will probably look a lot better this way… give it a try!

When the head of your cartoon sheep is finished, let’s get going with the body…

Third Step – A Very Easy-to-Draw Wooly Sheep Body

Time to make use of the big circle/oval part of the framework. And yes, it’s here where you’ll take the horizontal grey guideline into account.

Beginning just behind the top of your cartoon sheep’s head, start drawing a horizontal bumpy line going right across the guideline that you drew previously. This will form the back of your sheep. After that, follow along below to complete the rest of the body, the legs & feet, and the tail…

Drawing the body of a cartoon sheep Drawing the legs of a cartoon sheep Drawing the feet of a cartoon sheep Drawing the face of a cartoon sheep

In the fourth phase of the above examples, you can see that I’ve gone ahead and finished the sheep off with some details. Do the same by drawing the inner parts of the ears, pupils, and maybe even a few more lines here and there for some added character.

Pretty simple drawing the body, isn’t it! The main reason I labeled this one intermediate is due to the head being viewed at an angle. It can be tricky getting that part right – otherwise it would be a beginner drawing lesson. Anyway, now you can finish it off by erasing your underlying pencil lines…

Drawing of a cartoon sheep

Final Step – Cartoon Sheep Complete!

Yes! Now that’s a sheep. Give it some color and why not a name too while you’re at it! Now, some food for thought…

Here’s a little mini-lesson for you if you like… go back and draw your cartoon sheep a second time. Except this time through – see if you can change it so that it’s looking straight at you.

How? Well first – ensure that the head is placed dead center. And really, that’s all you need to move. Once you relocate the head, the only other things to do are A – change the back feet by making them point right, and B – erase the tail. Now you’re sheep will be looking at you straight on, just like some of the other lessons here on this site.

And there you have it… another lesson under your belt and more cartoon animal drawing experience points too! Good work. 🙂