How to Draw a Cartoon Shrimp

Cartoon shrimp drawing

Cartoon shrimp or prawn – whichever you prefer… this lesson is all about ‘cartoonifying’ one of the tastiest sea creatures alive (if of course you do eat seafood!).

At first go, I wanted to make it look more fish-like. It didn’t take long to realize though that the key to making it look shrimpish – is in the curvature of its back.

First Step – A Simple Design

Structure-wise, this animal does come off as similar to a fish, with respect to the head/body/tail arrangement. A simple curve like the one below will help you get started with the framework for your shrimp.

Here it is…

Framework for drawing a cartoon shrimp Details on the framework for drawing a shrimp

Knowing that there are actually many legs – and antennae too!… the orange ones put in place here, will at least help to hold their position before we move into to draw them, ever so creatively!

Second Step – Shrimp Drawing Time!

OK – let’s get down to business. Beginning with the eyes, mapped around a 3/4 head tilt – go ahead and gradually bring your sea creature into view – using the steps below of course to help you progress.

The steps…

Drawing the head of the cartoon shrimp Drawing the eyes of a cartoon shrimp Drawing the body of a cartoon shrimp Drawing the legs of a cartoon shrimp Drawing the underside of a cartoon shrimp Drawing the tail of a cartoon shrimp Black and white drawing of a cartoon shrimp Cartoon drawing of a shrimp

Kinda cute don’t you think? Perhaps so much you’ll reconsider eating one next time around!? 😉

In the end, a dash of pink and some whispy ‘antennae-like’ lines, add to the overall uniqueness of your drawing. As you’re coloring, try different shades of pink – and add some spots too.

Ta da!