How to Draw a Cartoon Skeleton

Cartoon skeleton drawing

Make no bones about it, when drawing a cartoon skeleton, or any set of ‘bones’ for that matter… there’s really no end as to how it can look.

In the last lesson – ‘The Indestructible Cartoon Zombie’… I really went into detail, making it more of an advanced lesson. Here, I changed things up presenting you with an extremely simplified method for drawing a skeleton.

There’s another lesson on the site that deals with drawing just the skull. If you like, check it out. The skull in this version is ultra-simplified, giving it that extra ‘cartoony’ appeal. The other lesson may give you some more ideas.

Something to note… in the spirit of drawing cartoons, and in keeping things nice and simple for you to draw – I’ve left out a few bones/parts here and there. Don’t be alarmed though — just another way of doing something when it comes to drawing. After all, it’s all about being creative and letting your imagination run wild! 🙂

OK then… let’s get right down to it!

First Step – Draw the Head and Torso

A framework? Sure, why not. No – you don’t really need one in this lesson. But a circle and a centerline can surely be helpful in getting everything to line up the way you want.

So, go ahead then and begin your cartoon skeleton drawing with a circle (or an oval), a square (or a rectangle) and a simple vertical line that runs straight down the middle, just like this…

Framework for drawing a simple cartoon skeleton Drawing the skull of the cartoon skeleton Drawing the ribs and pelvis of the cartoon skeleton

The circle – as you can plainly see, becomes the head. Again, I’ve simplified things a great deal! But hey, if there’s something else you feel the need to add, go ahead and do so.

Follow things up with a nice simple three-boned rib cage. Note how all I did to draw the spine was add a couple circles – one above the ribs, the other below. Finish it off by adding an ultra-simplified pelvic girdle and you’re well on your way to completing your cartoon skeleton!

Now let’s wrap it up!

And Then… A Simple Bone for Limbs – Ovals for Digits!

I wonder… is this how you would have gone about drawing a cartoon skeleton on your own? Yes… good stuff! No — equally good stuff! Remember, I’ve simplified this little guy. But even so, the shape of what a skeleton should look like is retained – just that I’ve left out a few parts to keep with the ‘cartoony’ look.

It’s obvious, there are many more bones to draw when tackling a skeleton. And if you’d like to take your drawing to that level, then for sure — do it! To help though, I recommend you resort back to a stick person framework and take it from there.

Anyway, here’s how the simplified legs and digits take shape…

Drawing the limbs of the cartoon skeleton Drawing the hands and feet of the cartoon skeleton

Drawing the same bone, four times over – produces some simple little cartoon skeleton legs, perfecting the cartoonish look I was going for. In your case – make them longer, shorter, skinnier, fatter – up to you. And for the digits, well – this is all too easy. Simple ovals – that’s it. Again, change yours up to have four, five… two? digits. It’s completely up to you!

And there it is – an ultra-simplified (cute?) cartoon skeleton! Hope you enjoyed the lesson… and do have fun as you draw some more. These little guys will make for great decorations! 🙂