How to Draw a Cartoon Skull

Cartoon skull drawing

Drawing a cartoon skull – positioned at a 3/4 angle like the one above – is simple enough if you take the time to plan before you draw. A sphere/circle with a curved cross marked off before-hand will help you understand how the head is tilting.

Remember – this is a lesson where you can get SUPER creative! Substitute fangs for teeth. Add horns. Change the eyes to look more ‘evil’. Yes – do whatever you can to make this skull all the more unique and spooky! 🙂

First Step – A Simple Framework

First up, draw a circle with a curved cross – just like the one you see below. This represents the core portion of the head. Then, go ahead and add a simple square/rectangle for the jaw, as it drops down below.

Like so…

A circle for drawing a simple skull Adding a square for the jaw of the skull

It really is that simple! Now – if you’re thinking of adding some other features… horns maybe?… you might want to do so at this stage. Lightly sketched before-hand, it’ll allow you to focus more so on the creative part in the next step.

And speaking of such…

Second Step – Draw Your Skull, Step by Step

Alright – time to draw this cartoon skull now. Instead of beginning with the eyes – because it’s a skull… go ahead and place the eye sockets. Notice how one is only ‘half a socket’ as the head is slightly turned.

Step by step – here’s how the lesson plays out…

Drawing the eyes of the cartoon skull Drawing the nose and brow of the cartoon skull Drawing the cheekbone of the cartoon skull Drawing the upper mouth of the cartoon skull Completing the back of the cartoon skull Drawing the lower jaw of the cartoon skull Drawing the teeth of the cartoon skull Drawing the eyes of the cartoon skull Black and white drawing of a cartoon skull Drawing of a cartoon skull

And there you have it. A simple drawing of a skull – one that will surely come in handy at certain times of the year. Ahem!… HALLOWEEN!! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the lesson!